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Xtreme Fat Loss Diet

Xtreme Fat Loss DietThe Xtreme Fat Loss Diet is a diet program created by Joel Marion. The diet program claims that you can lose up to 25 pounds in 25 days. The diet program uses 5-day cycles that you repeat 5 times (total of 25 days) for you to achieve your weight loss. This diet program is a combination of diet and exercise.

As the name suggests, this diet program is somewhat extreme in that you will be completely changing your diet and exercise routine for the 25 days, and it is recommended that you wait for at least 4 weeks before you repeat the program again.

The interesting thing about this diet program is that unlike many fast-results diets, the intent of this program is for you to maintain or even increase your muscle mass while losing fat. According to their website, your metabolism will actually improve, making it easier to maintain your weight after the diet.

One thing everyone would love about this diet is that you have a cheat day every 5 days, and on this day, you can eat whatever you like, without stuffing yourself. However, there is also a fast day (after the cheat day), on which you will literally have to fast except for fluids and the recommended supplements.

According to the material, this is all part of the design of the diet program, that allows the dieter to lose a large amount of fat in a short period of time.

The 5-Day Cycle

Below is the 5-day cycle of the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet program. You will be repeating this cycle 5 times (total of 25 days) for optimal weight loss.

Day 1: Cheat Day (Density Training)

Day 2: Fast Day (Lactic Acid Training & Additional Cardio Training if possible)

Day 3: Shake Day (Strength Training & Additional Cardio Training if possible)

Day 4: Moderate Carb Day (Dynamic Training & Additional Cardio Training if possible)

Day 5: Protein-only Depletion Day (Lactic Acid Training & Additional Cardio Training if possible)

What’s Included in the Purchase?

When you purchase the program, you will receive the following program documents and tools (most of them are in PDF form):

  • Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Manual – The Xtreme Fat Loss Diet is explained in detail, step-by-step.
  • Cliff Notes – Summarizes the diet and workout routine you need to do during the 5-day cycle. If you decide to do this diet, you will probably be referring to these every day.
  • Pre-Program Check List – Provides a check list of things to prepare so you are all ready for the diet.
  • Success Journal –  A journal where you can log your meals/exercises.
  • Supplement Guide – An overview of the required supplements and recommended supplements.
  • Training Manual/Workout Log – Explains each of the required training & sample training routines.
  • 2 Interview Transcripts – Transcripts of one interview with 2 people who had success with the program, and another interview in which Joel Marion (the creator of the program) himself is being interviewed.

Note that during the purchase process, you will probably be presented with a few more special offer products that you will have the option to buy.

Features of the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Program

  • According to the material, its strategic combination of diet and exercise is one of the major reasons why you can achieve the weight loss without compromising your metabolism.
  • Unlike many diet programs, this program incorporates a daily exercise routine designed to promote muscle gain and increased metabolism.
  • This program has a cheat day every 5 days, which apparently is an important part of the diet. A cheat day can provide much-needed mental relief and may be what some people need to stick to a diet.
  • You only have to prepare meals 2 out of the 5 days, since 1 day is a cheat day and the rest are fast and shake days.
  • Given the somewhat extreme nature of the program, you will need to be committed and dedicated to make the diet successful.
  • If you have never exercised before, the exercises may seem advanced, at least in the beginning. You will be doing more than walking or light jogging.
  • This program is designed to be effective for both men and women.
  • If the program does not work for you, you can return it within 60 days.

Visit the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Program website to learn more.