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27 Weight Loss Motivation Secrets

Are you in need of weight loss motivation?

Motivation is the basis of achieving any goal. Your chances of reaching your weight loss goal depends 100% on your motivation.

Having said that, we all have times when we just can’t get excited about all the weight loss routines. And if you’ve hit a weight-loss plateau, it is hard to get over the frustration of seeing the same number on the scale day after day.

If you are feeling tired, down, or don’t care, and feeling demotivated, here are 27 weight loss motivation secrets to help you get started or get back on track.

Weight Loss Motivation Secret #1: Don’t Let the Bad Days Stop You weight loss motivation never give up

There is an old Japanese proverb that says, “Fall seven times. Stand up eight.” It refers to the ups and downs of life, and how we should not simply give up.

If you’ve had some bad days, get a good night sleep, and start new in the morning. It is amazing how things can look different after you’ve had a good night’s rest.

Weight Loss Motivation Secret #2: Realize What Can Be Accomplished 1 Year From Now

Weight loss motivation 1 year

Most people overestimate what they can achieve short-term, and underestimate what they can achieve long-term.

Even if you lose only ½ pound a week on average, you will still have lost 26 pounds in 1 year. That is fantastic. Sometimes it is important to think long-term not short-term.

Weight Loss Motivation Secret #3: Strive For Improvement

weight loss motivation improvementWhile meeting goals is important, what is more important is that we make progress. We all tend to focus on achieving the end goal, and dismiss the improvements we make every day.

Even if you have not lost weight, if you are eating healthier, that is an improvement. And if you are exercising, that is an improvement. Those improvements will add up, and one day you will see visible results!

Weight Loss Motivation Secret #4: Get Through the Boredom

weight loss motivation hunger
If you are tempted to reach for a bag of potato chips even if you are not hungry, you may want to ask yourself if you are simply bored. Eating is a favorite pastime for everyone and an effective distraction.

Get through the boredom by doing some activity like walking, getting in touch with a friend, or drinking a non-caloric drink like coffee.

Weight Loss Motivation Secret #5: One Pound At A Time

weight loss motivation one pound at a time
Sometimes all the pounds you need to lose may feel daunting. When we feel overwhelmed, it is helpful to remind ourselves that we only need to lose one pound at a time. That’s it!

Weight Loss Motivation Secret #6: Our Greatest Weakness Lies In Giving Up

weight loss motivation greatest weaknessThis is so true but it seems not many people realize this. You are not alone if you feel like giving up. As a matter of fact, it appears to be a common human condition. So don’t give in to our human weakness by giving up!

Weight Loss Motivation Secret #7: Small Efforts Add Up

weight loss motivation small effortsIf you think a 15-minute walk after work doesn’t make a difference to your weight loss, think again. Many critical things can be done in a very short time period. The things you DO matter as much as the time you spend on them.

Weight Loss Motivation Secret #8: Change Your Mind, Change Your Body

weight loss motivation mind gameIt is important to change your mindset to say, “No matter what it takes, I will lose weight.” Saying this daily is important so that it becomes a part of your subconscious, allowing you to stay motivated and make good choices.

Weight Loss Motivation Secret #9: Fight For It

weight loss motivation fight for it 2We love this saying because we all tend to forget what it takes to accomplish anything difficult. The truth is, we need to fight for our goals whatever that may be.

Weight Loss Motivation Secret #10: Acknowledge The Progress Made

weight loss motivation closerSometimes we only look at what is ahead of us, and disregard the progress made so far. Even if you have not lost any weight yet, you have built up knowledge about nutrition, weight loss, or fitness that will eventually enable you to lose weight.

It’s important to step back and congratulate yourself on the efforts made so far.

Weight Loss Motivation Secret #11: The Future You Will Thank You

weight loss motivation 3 months from nowAccording to research by a Stanford professor (1), having the ability to delay gratification is an important characteristic to be successful.

This study has become to be known as the “Marshmallow Experiment.” In this study, the test subjects were children who were offered a second marshmallow if they succeeded in not eating the first marshmallow in front of them for 15 minutes.

The ones that were able to wait for 15 minutes and get the second marshmallow had a higher probability of success over the next 40 years in almost every area of life measured.

This principle of delayed gratification certainly applies to weight loss as well.

You can have the cake eventually, but you are simply delaying it.

Make delaying a habit, and your future you will truly thank you.

Weight Loss Motivation Secret #12: Consistency Is Key

weight loss motivation consistencyCreating habits makes going on a diet and losing weight easy. This is because once you create habits, the diet goes on a kind of “auto-pilot” where you don’t really think anymore.

The difficulty likes in actually creating the habit.

In our brain, the section called the orbitofrontal cortex converts our wishes into automatic, solid habits via neural messengers known as endocannabinoids. And what is the best way to get these endocannabinoids to form a habit? The answer is consistency. (2)

For optimal results, try to take the same action at the same time, daily or weekly. For example, at 8AM every morning, you can prepare yourself a healthy lunch. Or at 7AM every Wednesday, you can go jogging for 30 minutes.

Weight Loss Motivation Secret #13: For Fitness and Health

weight loss motivation eat for healthSometimes we forget why we are on a diet to begin with. If you are on a diet so you can look like a model on the cover of a fashion magazine, that may not get you going long-term. That type of unrealistic goal (for anyone) will probably demoralize you in the end.

Realize instead that all this is for your well-being, which is the most important thing. Focus on being fit by exercising and healthy by nourishing your body.

Weight Loss Motivation Secret #14: Slow And Steady Is Ok

weight loss motivation slow and steadyOur society has unfortunately gotten used to quick and instant results. The truth is, sometimes results are not fast. It can be for any number of reasons, but the key to success is to stay in the game.

The slow progress will add up, and one day, you will reach your goal.

Weight Loss Motivation Secret #15: Think About Why You Started

weight loss motivation why you started

We all have days when we want to quit. Or if we have already quit, we want to keep quitting. This is a good time to think about why we started the diet in the first place. The reason is usually still there, and it is worth going on a diet for.

They key to achieving weight loss is to not quit when we want to. We will slowly build perseverance and not quitting will become easier for us over time.

Weight Loss Motivation Secret #16: Yes You Can

weight loss motivation yes you can 2If you are losing confidence about being able to lose weight, you are not alone.

Sometimes we think that everyone else can do it, but not me. Realize that yes you can. Make sure to repeat this to yourself whenever you are losing confidence, so that you don’t forget that YES, you can lose weight.

Weight Loss Motivation Secret #17: I Don’t Want That

weight loss motivation I dont want that

Whenever you are upset because you think, “I can’t have that,” say to yourself, “I don’t want that.” All the things that are discouraged in a diet are typically unhealthy foods that make you feel worse and unhealthy. Acknowledging this and saying to yourself that you definitely don’t want that, will make things easier.

Weight Loss Motivation Secret #18: Believing In Success Is Already Half of the Triumph

weight loss motivation believe in successYou may not realize that having a negative outlook is very taxing on the mind and body and zaps away all motivation. In other words, unless you believe that you will be successful, you will lose motivation.

Even if you don’t feel like it, make sure to believe in your success because that is a requirement for any success.

Weight Loss Motivation Secret #19: Focus On the Fun

weight loss motivation have funThere may come a point when you hit a weight-loss plateau and you feel like throwing in the towel. You may dread eating another salad or going to the gym to do the same exercise routine.

This may be the time to try new recipes and workouts that you find fun. Shifting the focus to enjoying your weight loss will give you motivation to stick with it. As long as you stick with it, eventually you will break through the plateau!

Weight Loss Motivation Secret #20: Need For Change

weight loss motivation change nothingWhen we are tempted to go back to our old routine, it is helpful to remind ourselves that if we continue to do what we have been doing, we will get the same results that we have been getting.

At least in the beginning, there will be a lot of trial and error to figure out what works for each of us to lose weight. Important thing is to keep switching around things and keep making changes.

Weight Loss Motivation Secret #21: Continue Anyway

weight loss motivation those who succeedThe truth is, in your own eyes, you may not notice any changes on a daily basis. This is for two reasons. One is because dramatic weight loss does not happen overnight, and can be a slow process.

Another reasons is because since we are looking at ourselves everyday, we cannot tell how we have changed over a long period of time. Have you ever met someone you have not seen for a while, and they commented on how you’ve changed in some way or the other, and you did not notice yourself? That is the same with weight loss.

Continue on with the diet even if you see no change in the mirror. Your body IS changing even if you cannot tell.

Weight Loss Motivation Secret #22: Patience

weight loss motivation patienceWhen working on long-term weight loss, patience becomes critical. During the process, realistically, you will probably binge occasionally, not work out, and your weight will fluctuate.

Expect these things to happen!

Then have the patience to be ok and keep going.

Weight Loss Motivation Secret #23: Visualize Your Success

motivation to lose weight 1
Visualization is a great way to connect your emotions to your goal. First, visualize what would happen if you continue down your current path. What would happen to you, your body, the people that love and need you, and your dreams? Then, visualize how things would be if you achieved your goal. How would you look?

How would you feel? How would life be different for you and those around you? Whenever you feel down or have a bad day, visualize where you want to be. It will give you amazing energy and determination.

Weight Loss Motivation Secret #24: Beware of Unsupportive People

motivation to lose weight 2Guess what? People are afraid of change. For this reason, your friends, family, or even your spouse may not be supportive of your goals, at least initially. Most likely they are afraid that you will change into a different person and things will be different.

A spouse or a partner may be afraid that you will leave them after you have become attractive. All these feelings and fears may be subconscious and they may not even be aware of them. This will often lead to these people sabotaging your diet, subconsciously or consciously.

He/she may stop by a fast food drive thru while you are in the car or eat your favorite foods in front of you. He/she may beg you to go out to a restaurant together. Or they may ask you if you want a bite of their bacon cheeseburger or chocolate ice cream.

motivation to lose weight 3Before you go on a diet, you need to sit down with the people you spend most of your time with.

You need to explain to them that you need to lose weight and that you need their support. They need to avoid creating any tempting situations around you and be thoughtful.

You will also need to let them know that your relationship will not change and that they will continue to be important to you. Ask them how they feel about your going on a diet and losing weight. They themselves may be surprised by what they feel.

The important thing is to get it out in the open and talk about it. Otherwise if you have people in your life that you know will sabotage your diet on purpose in any way, make sure to stay away from them. You really don’t need the stress!

Weight Loss Motivation Secret #25: Stop Putting Everyone Else First and Put Yourself First

motivation to lose weight 4It is time to start putting yourself first before everyone and anything else. Chances are you have been putting yourself last, maybe even after your pet!

For some of us, this may be one of the toughest things to start doing.  Putting yourself first and motivation are deeply linked.

When you put yourself first, you acknowledge that you are important and worth it. That will create great motivation inside you to accomplish your goals. When you put yourself last, you are telling yourself that you are not worth it. When you put other things and people before you, you will probably not have much energy left for your own needs.

You will feel depleted, and the motivation? Depleted as well. It’s time to draw boundaries and start saying no. No, the world will not fall apart and things will work out. Things and people can wait, it’s not a big deal. Taking care of yourself is critical to staying motivated, and it is a skill that you will need for the rest of your life to stay healthy!

Weight Loss Motivation Secret #26: Share the Journey

motivation to lose weight 6Sharing experiences with someone who is going through the same thing can be a great way to let off steam and keep up your motivation to lose weight. Fellow dieters may have tips that are helpful as well.

The easiest way is to start participating in online communities, but you can also attend face to face meetings as well. Using communities or meetings to keep yourself accountable is one good way to stay motivated and stay on track.

Teaching other people what you’ve learned is another excellent way to stay motivated. There is something about teaching and slowly becoming an expert in an area that makes you want to become even better at it, and teach even more.

Weight Loss Motivation Secret #27: Don’t Beat Yourself Up

motivation to lose weight 7We are all human and you will have days when you don’t feel like eating healthy. You may have a few slip-ups and feel like a failure and giving up. Guess what? We have news for you.

That is normal and how most of us feel about getting off track and making mistakes. It is painful to see yourself not sticking to your schedule, your rules, not losing weight and gaining weight.

However EVERYONE goes through the same thing, whether in weight loss or any other area of their life! The solution? Get back on track and just start doing it again.

That is all. It may sound old, but it is nonetheless true.

motivation to lose weight 8

Weight Loss Tricks

Here are tricks that may help with your weight loss, and keep you motivated.

1. Drink coffee before workouts

A study (3) has shown that drinking coffee before workouts helps burn more calories. Coffee also improves athletic performance by improving endurance.

2. Build a routine

weight loss motivation daily routine
Creating routines is very powerful. Routines take away the temptations you otherwise may have that hinder your weight loss.

For example, having a set time and/or day for exercise is helpful since it becomes similar to brushing your teeth at night.

Once it becomes a routine, before you know it you will be putting on your sneakers, and if you don’t exercise it will make you feel uncomfortable.

3. Create a weight loss journal

This is particularly important to document what worked and what did not work. Over time, you will see a pattern of things that worked for you; whether that be certain foods or exercise methods.

4. Make time
weight loss motivation make time

It sounds so obvious, but are we really doing it? For anything we want to achieve, we need to schedule time for it. On our calendar. In other words, we need to block time on our calendar to attend to our goal.

5. Work out even if it is for a short time

weight loss motivation short workout

What stops many people from exercising is that they assume they need to block out a good amount of time for each exercise. In reality, we can have a positive impact on our bodies by doing short workouts, rather than not doing anything at all.

Good examples of short workouts are stretching & short cardio, stretching & short yoga, or simply taking a walk in your neighborhood.


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