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Volumetrics Diet

volumetrics diet

The Volumetrics Diet was created by Dr. Barbra Rolls, a PhD Nutritionist and Penn State faculty member. The Volumetrics Diet follows the “eat more” formula for weight loss. The goal is to feel full by eating high volumes of low “energy density” foods, and avoid the feeling of hunger.

Energy density is the amount of calories contained in a specified volume of food.  Basically you want to avoid eating foods that have lots of calories packed within a small volume. It is based on the idea that eating small volumes will not satisfy your hunger, while using up the calories you can take in a day.

So what are these foods with low energy density that you should eat? These foods include fruits, vegetables, soups, and other foods high in water content. The Volumetrics Diet plan does not exclude any of the food groups, and encourages an adequate intake of lean protein and good fats. All of the foods included in the plan are natural sources of vital nutrients, including essential vitamins and minerals.

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Category Life Change Diet
Claimed Weight Loss 1-2 pounds a week.
Products/Services Offered Books
Price Books: From $6.99
Special Features No food restrictions
Food volume and selection based on energy density of food
Allows you to eat a great volume of food, as long as they are mainly low energy density foods
Special Promotions None