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Motivation To Lose Weight

motivation to lose weight 1Motivation to lose weight is KEY to sticking with your diet day after day! But how do you motivate yourself and stay motivated?

First, remind yourself every day why you want to lose weight. Visualization is a great way to connect your emotions to your goal. First, visualize what would happen if you continue down your current path. What would happen to you, your body, the people that love and need you, and your dreams? Then, visualize how things would be if you achieved your goal. How would you look?

How would you feel? How would life be different for you and those around you?  Whenever you feel down or have a bad day, visualize where you want to be. It will give you amazing energy and determination.

Beware of Unsupportive People

motivation to lose weight 2Guess what? People are afraid of change. For this reason, your friends, family, or even your spouse may not be supportive of your goals, at least initially. Most likely they are afraid that you will change into a different person and things will be different.

A spouse or a partner may be afraid that you will leave them after you have become attractive. All these feelings and fears may be subconscious and they may not even be aware of them. This will often lead to these people sabotaging your diet, subconsciously or consciously.

He/she may stop by a fast food drive thru while you are in the car or eat your favorite foods in front of you. He/she may beg you to go out to a restaurant together. Or they may ask you if you want a bite of their bacon cheeseburger or chocolate ice cream.

motivation to lose weight 3Before you go on a diet, you need to sit down with the people you spend most of your time with.

You need to explain to them that you need to lose weight and that you need their support. They need to avoid creating any tempting situations around you and be thoughtful.

You will also need to let them know that your relationship will not change and that they will continue to be important to you. Ask them how they feel about your going on a diet and losing weight. They themselves may be surprised by what they feel.

The important thing is to get it out in the open and talk about it. Otherwise if you have people in your life that you know will sabotage your diet on purpose in any way, make sure to stay away from them. You really don’t need the stress!

Stop Putting Everyone Else First and Put Yourself First

motivation to lose weight 4It is time to start putting yourself first before everyone and anything else. Chances are you have been putting yourself last, maybe even after your pet! For some of us, this may be one of the toughest things to start doing.  Putting yourself first and motivation are deeply linked!

When you put yourself first, you acknowledge that you are important and worth it. That will create great motivation inside you to accomplish your goals. When you put yourself last, you are telling yourself that you are not worth it. When you put other things and people before you, you will probably not have much energy left for your own needs.

You will feel depleted, and the motivation? Depleted as well. It’s time to draw boundaries and start saying no. No, the world will not fall apart and things will work out. Things and people can wait, it’s not a big deal. Taking care of yourself is critical to staying motivated, and it is a skill that you will need for the rest of your life to stay healthy!

Small Milestones

motivation to lose weight 5One of the biggest mistakes people make is be overwhelmed by all the weight they have to lose. They think it’s so insurmountable and think what’s the use? That is a sure way to make your life and journey miserable and discourage yourself. You need to set small milestone goals.

They can be as small as you need. It can be 2 pounds, 4 pounds, 6 pounds, etc. Once you set your small milestone goal, focus on that goal only. That is the only goal that matters!

Once you start focusing ONLY on your next small milestone goal, you will be surprised how much more empowered and motivated you will feel. Stick to small milestone goals! It is key to maintaining your motivation to lose weight.

Share the Journey

motivation to lose weight 6Sharing experiences with someone who is going through the same thing can be a great way to let off steam and keep up your motivation to lose weight. Fellow dieters may have tips that are helpful as well.

The easiest way is to start participating in online communities, but you can also attend face to face meetings as well. Using communities or meetings to keep yourself accountable is one good way to stay motivated and stay on track.

Teaching other people what you’ve learned is another excellent way to stay motivated. There is something about teaching and slowly becoming an expert in an area that makes you want to become even better at it, and teach even more!

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

motivation to lose weight 7We are all human and you will have days when you don’t feel like eating healthy. You may have a few slip-ups and feel like a failure and giving up. Guess what? We have news for you.

That is normal and how most of us feel about getting off track and making mistakes.  It is painful to see yourself not sticking to your schedule, your rules, not losing weight and gaining weight.

However EVERYONE goes through the same thing, whether in weight loss or any other area of their life! The solution? Get back on track and just start doing it again.

That is all. It may sound old, but it is nonetheless true.

motivation to lose weight 8That is how you learn anything. That is how you learned how to walk, run, or ride a bicycle. Did you beat yourself up every time you fell off the bicycle? I doubt it. You would never have learned how to ride a bicycle if you did that. As a matter of fact, that is how all kids learn everything. By making mistakes!

What kind of a parent would you be if you beat your child up every time he/she made a mistake? How will they ever learn? It is the same with eating healthy and losing weight. You do not get there by beating yourself up every time you get off track, but you get there by being kind to yourself, having fun and learning along the way.

Don’t Just Focus on the Goal

motivation to lose weight 9Having a goal is important and keeps you focused, but focusing solely on the goal can take away the fun of the journey. It may sound strange to be suggested that you should enjoy your diet. But enjoying your diet is part of what will keep you motivated to continue until the end.

It is also how you will be motivated to continue on with your good habits after the diet and maintain your weight. So how do you enjoy the journey and your diet? One way is to be proud that you are changing into the kind of person who takes care of oneself and who eats healthy.

Every time you eat healthy, you can be proud and happy that you are that kind of person. Taking pride in what you do every day is a wonderful way to enjoy your journey. As you continue your diet, you are steadily becoming the kind of person that eats healthy and takes care of oneself. Enjoy this journey in which you are changing into a healthy person who takes care of oneself.

Create Habits

motivation to lose weight 10Seeing yourself eating healthy will give you a sense of accomplishment and motivation. So it’s important to consistently stick to your diet as much as possible.  

An easy way to do something consistently is to create a habit out of it. Do the same thing every day at the same time in the same way. If you continue, it will become a habit, and just a part of your daily routine. 

Get Ready

motivation to lose weight 11Another word for motivation is readiness. Are you READY to change? Some people are not mentally ready to be healthy, thin and good looking.

These people will subconsciously sabotage themselves. You need to be OKAY with being thin, healthy and good looking. Are you ready for that? Many people are afraid of success, and being healthy, thin and good looking is one version of success.

It’s important to make sure that you are ready for that success. Otherwise you will sabotage yourself during or after the diet.  Being ready and looking forward to becoming a healthy and attractive person will give you tremendous motivation!