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Metabolic Types

Metabolic TypesMetabolic types are defined based on how well a person burns calories of certain foods. What if you are not eating the right kinds of foods for your unique metabolism? According to metabolic typing, everyone’s metabolism is different, which means that everyone has a different kind of metabolism that burns calories at different rates. Do you know what metabolic type you are? Here is some information on how to find your metabolic type, based on the concept of metabolic typing.

Three Basic Metabolic Types

Protein Types (Fast Oxidizers)

People who are classified as fast oxidizers tend to burn through the food they have eaten very rapidly. What this means is that the moment they eat something the carbs are turned into glucose, and then the glucose is quickly released into the bloodstream. The glucose into the bloodstream also causes a large amount of insulin to be released into the blood to help take away all the sugar, which is converted to fat. Basically, what all this means is that when this person eats a lot of carbohydrates/sugar, too much energy gets released into the blood too quickly, and most likely all the unnecessary energy will get stored as fat.

The kinds of foods that fast oxidizers should eat are foods with high amounts of protein and fats in order to calm down their rate of burning glucose. Carb intake should be kept low.

Carbo Types (Slow Oxidizers)

People who are slow oxidizers do not burn through their food at a normal rate. When they eat carbohydrates, they do not get turned into glucose fast enough so they do not have the instant energy that a fast oxidizer has. Slow oxidizers should eat a higher ratio of carbohydrates since eating a lot of protein and fat will just make their glucose conversion slow down even more. Keep in mind that, most people are not carbo types, and even if you are, you should always avoid processed carb products.

Mixed Types (Balanced Oxidizers)

This person falls between fast oxidizers and slow oxidizers so they should be eating a combination of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, in equal parts.