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Medifast Diet

MediFast ImageThe Medifast diet program was developed nearly 30 years ago. It was originally a meal replacement program provided by doctors. Now the Medifast diet plan is available primarily through the Medifast website and also through the Medifast Weight Control Centers and the “Take Shape for Life” network of health coaches (Take Shape for Life is a subsidiary of Medifast).

The Medifast diet calls for participants to eat or drink five Medifast meal replacement foods or drinks as well as one real meal consisting of lean protein and green vegetables. There are several Medifast plans based upon calorie intake and lifestyle. Example plans are vegetarian, new moms, teens, athletes, and even gout sufferers. Since calorie intake is only between 800 to 1000 calories per day, you may experience low energy levels. Consulting a physician before and during the diet is recommended.

More about the Medifast Diet 

Site Link Medifast Diet
Category Fast Diet
Claimed Weight Loss 2-5 pounds a week
Products/Services Offered Medifast Direct – online plan which includes:

  • Free registration
  • Progress tracking
  • Dining out guide
  • Medifast lean & green recipes
  • Exercise plans
  • Online community

Medifast Weight Control Center plan which includes:

  • Weekly Face to face meetings with a certified weight loss clinician
  • Continued support after reaching weight loss goal

Take Shape for Life plan which includes:

  • Your certified health coach
  • Comprehensive support from a Bio-Network that includes your Health Coach, doctor and nurse support calls, nutrition support, an online community and tools, and program guides

Medifast meal replacement products


Price Medifast Direct: Free (does not include cost of food)

Medifast Weight Control Center plan: undisclosed

Take Shape for Life plan: undisclosed

Medifast meal replacement products: Most from $16.50/box (7 servings)

Supplements: From $12.50
Special Features The diet’s 5 and 1 plan includes Medifast foods along with one meal consisting of lean protein and vegetables.

There are a variety of special meal plans for people with specific lifestyles and dietary needs.
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