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Losing Weight After 40

Losing Weight After 40There are additional factors to consider when losing weight after 40. Have you found that you eat foods of the same kind and amount just like you always have, but you’re having a hard time maintaining your weight and a harder time losing the extra pounds you’ve put on? As we reach age 40, there are multiple factors that can make it hard for us to maintain or lose our weight.

Things To Consider For Losing Weight After 40

#1 Slowing Metabolism

The major obstacle to losing weight after 40 is our slowing metabolism. The typical cause of slowing metabolism is loss of muscle as you age. As your activity level reduces as you age, your muscle mass decreases resulting in slower metabolism. It is said that for an average person, their metabolism starts declining between 5% to 10% every 10 years starting from age 25. By the time you are age 40, your metabolism may have declined by 15%. Unless you have maintained your muscle mass, or reduced your calorie intake by 15%, you probably have gained some weight.

#2 Medication

Some people take more and more prescription drugs as the years pass. This could be another problem for losing weight after 40. Some medications interfere with metabolism and can even make you more hungry. Take a look at your medication and ask yourself if you really need to take that medication. It may be time to look into a natural or herbal alternative.

#3 Stress

Accumulation of stress can take a toll on your metabolism and eating habits over the years. The resulting weight gain may be 4 pounds each year, and may not feel like much to some people. Gaining 4 pounds a year may not seem like much, but over 15 years, that adds up to 60 pounds. If you are one of those people, you need to reverse this trajectory!

#4 Hypothyroidism

One of the symptoms of hypothyroidism (a sluggish or underactive thyroid, producing inadequate amounts of thyroid hormones) is a difficulty to lose weight despite dieting efforts, especially for women. Especially if you are not feeling well overall, such as having cold hands and feet, fatigue and/or constipation, you may want to have your thyroid checked. As a first step, eliminating (unfermented) soy products, eating coconut oil, and increasing your iodine intake may help.

What Should You Do to Lose Weight After Age 40?

People over 40 should take particular care to do the following, when trying to lose weight.

Increase your metabolism

If you want to keep eating the same way as you always have, bringing your metabolism back to the point it was when you were younger would be one solution. The fastest way to do this is to increase your muscle ratio, or put another way, reduce your fat ratio. Incorporate muscle exercise into your weekly life. For women, choose a weight that is light enough to do about 10-12 reps, but that is too heavy for you to do more than that. Start with the routines you enjoy. Make sure to rest the following day to let your muscle recover and grow. Eat protein after muscle exercises.

Eliminate unnecessary medications that cause weight gain

First determine if any of the drugs you are taking is contributing to weight gain. See if you can find a natural alternative to the medication. There are many natural remedies to many ailments, and they are usually more effective.

Reduce stress

Stress is a major underlying cause for most weight gains. We tend to eat more carbs and sweets, drink more alcohol, lose sleep, and exercise less when we are stressed. Over the years, these can add up to lots of pounds. It is important to take active and conscious measures to reduce your stress. Following are some tips.

  • Take a 10 minute break for every hour you work. If you work 2 hours straight, take a 20-minute break.
  • Get enough sleep every day. At least 7-8 hours per day is recommended.
  • Move your body. Get on a treadmill and start walking, or get out and take a walk. The important thing here is to just start. It does not matter if you walk for just 2 minutes. Just start and keep repeating.
  • Do meditations. Again the important thing is to just start, even if it’s just a 5 second meditation. You’ll be surprised to see how even 10 seconds of meditation can help.

Incorporate foods that burn fat

Learn about foods and herbs that are weight loss friendly (by exploring the articles on this site 🙂 ), and incorporate them into your diet. These will help in speeding up your metabolism and with your weight loss.