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Ketosis Plan

ketosis plan

What Is A Ketosis Plan?

Are you considering going on a ketosis plan? Under a ketosis plan, the goal is for your body to use fat for energy instead of carbohydrates which is the usual fuel that the body uses. This is one of the biggest things attributed to the weight loss success that people see when they go on a weight loss diet like the Atkins diet or the Dukan diet. Ketosis works for weight loss because when the body is using fat that it has stored for energy, that “storage space” within the body gets smaller and smaller resulting in weight loss.

How Does Ketosis Work?

Our bodies first turn to carbohydrates for fuel. If there are no carbohydrates to burn for energy, our bodies turn to our fat for fuel. In the process of our bodies breaking down our fat for energy, ketones are produced. If this continues, it generates a high level of ketones in our blood, resulting in a state called ketosis.

There are certain muscles in the body that actually prefer ketones over carbohydrates (glucose) when it comes to fuel. A couple of the biggest of those muscles are the heart and the kidneys. Even the brain can use ketones for their energy needs.

Some diet plans like the Atkins diet encourage the monitoring of ketones within the body by using testing strips to test urine. Acetone, which is a particular type of ketone, is not usable by the body so it is expelled as waste. This is the ketone that is detected in the urine with the help of these testing strips. Again when a large number of ketones are found present in the body, it is referred to as ketosis.

Is A Ketosis Plan Safe?

Experts cannot agree on whether a ketosis plan is safe or not. Some claim ketosis may harm the kidney and other organs. Others claim that historically human beings were hunter-gatherers and lived primarily in a state of ketosis, and in even today, there are societies that live in a ketogenic state for long periods of time. In addition ketosis has shown to successfully control epilepsy, and is under research to possibly treat other disorders.

Potential side effects of ketosis are dehydration, constipation, and infrequently kidney stones or gall stones. To prevent these side effects, in his book, Dr. Dukan recommends that you drink plenty of water while in ketosis. Another side effect or a sign of ketosis, is dark urine and fruity smelling breath.

Ketosis Plan for Weight Loss

Ketosis-based diets have been very popular since they allow you to eat lots of meat and you usually do not have unbearable hunger pains. Some diets allow you to eat lots of fat too. For those interested in these diets, you should drink plenty of water and regularly monitor your condition. These diets may be good for people who don’t like counting calories, want to eat lots of volume, and/or cannot give up meat.