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How To Stop Sugar Cravings

6 Easy Tips On How To Stop Sugar Cravings

How To Stop Sugar CravingsSugar cravings can be intense when you are trying to reduce or eliminate your sugar intake. It is important to understand that this is not an easy challenge at all. If you were to run a marathon, you would expect it to be hard and be mentally prepared for hardship and have a plan.

Reducing or eliminating your sugar intake is similarly hard. We have below 6 easy things you can do to stop craving sugar. But first, let’s explore why it is so hard to reduce or eliminate sugar:

  • Studies have shown that sugar has similar effects on the pleasure center in our brain as drugs do.
  • Sugar once reduced or eliminated will initially trigger cravings and withdrawal symptoms similar to drugs!
  • Some researchers have called sugar the “alcohol without the buzz”.

No wonder why so many of us are addicted to sugar! Now that we know what we are dealing with, here are 6 tips on how to stop sugar cravings.

1. Clean out your kitchen of all your favorite sweets.

You should not have any temptations at home. It doesn’t mean you can’t eat sweets, but you shouldn’t make it unnecessarily harder on yourself by surrounding yourself with temptations.

2. Eat sugar only outside your home

By creating this little obstacle, it serves two purposes. You know that you can always get sweets if you absolutely need to, so you don’t feel deprived. And, by making it a bit more difficult, in other words by having to “go outside, walk/drive to the supermarket, buy the sweets, and eat those sweets outside,” you will eat sweets less often.

3. Don’t get hungry

If you wait too long between meals, your blood sugar will drop, and your desire to eat some sweet treat will increase. Eating something non-sugary between meals or whenever you feel a little hungry can help you keep your blood sugar stable, and reduce your temptation to eat something sugary.

4. User a zero calorie & healthy sweetener – Stevia

Stevia is a natural herb and has been used for a long time in South America and in Japan, and has become very popular in the US as well. It has zero calories and no known side effects. Stevia is 300 times sweeter than sugar. So a tiny amount goes a long way. Just be careful, many Stevia brands in the supermarket are full of bad & cheap fillers, and some have a bitter aftertaste. A pure and non-bitter Stevia brand is available on Amazon. Stevia is great to sweeten drinks (coffee, tea, etc.) and food.

5. Reach for healthy substitutes

One good way to deal with sugar cravings is to eat healthy snacks when the sugar craving hits you. Here are 3 easy ways to make healthy snacks. These may not taste as great as your favorite sweet snack, at least initially, but they will help you with your sugar cravings. Over time, you may even come to like it. Stranger things have happened : )

Healthy Snack Number 1: Berries
How To Stop Sugar Cravings, BerriesBerries are great low sugar fruits, and always great for a snack. Initially, berries on their own may not be sweet enough for you. In that case, chop up some berries and add Stevia to it. Just be careful not to add too much Stevia. It is incredibly sweet.

Healthy Snack Number 2: Homemade Apple Sauce
How To Stop Sugar Cravings, Apple SauceHomemade apple sauce is a lot healthier than store made apple sauce and can help you overcome your sugar cravings as well. The trick is to use low sugar apples (Granny Smith).

Remove and throw away the core along with the seeds, chop them up, and boil them with some water until they become soft, and then let them cool down. Once cooled down, drain the water, mash it all up & add water back until you get the desired consistently. Now add Stevia to it until the sweetness is to your liking, and put the apple sauce in the fridge. It is a great and tasty way to help you get rid of sugar cravings.

Healthy Snack Number 3: Sliced Raw Carrots
How To Stop Sugar Cravings, Raw CarrotsThis may not be everyone’s favorite snack at least initially, but sliced raw carrots are a great travel or office food. Just wash a few raw carrots at home, slice them, and put them in a small container to take them with you. It is a handy snack when you are outside your home to fight your sugar cravings. Just eat a few slices, drink some water, and wait for 15 minutes. More often than not, your sugar cravings will be gone.

6. Don’t give up

Whenever you do something new, like reducing or eliminating sugar, you won’t be good at it initially. You will make mistakes. You will give in to temptation. That is all good, and part of the journey. Whenever that happens, don’t give up. Acknowledge that failure is part of any new journey and just continue on your task to reduce or eliminate sugar from your life. Hang in there! You will do fine eventually!