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How To Stop Procrastinating And Lose Weight

procrastinatingIf you know you need to lose weight but somehow cannot get started, you may be procrastinating.

Your procrastination may be for a good reason or it may just be self-sabotage. In these situations, we need to correctly assess what is going on so we can take the right action.

Write down as many reasons as you can, on why you cannot or do not wish to start a diet at this time. Then take a look at the list and see if at this time you cannot commit to a stringent diet and exercise routine, due to other more important things that need to be addressed.

Or, we may see that there is nothing else major going on in our life, and we really have no excuse for not starting a diet and/or exercise routine.

You may want to ask someone you trust to make sure you are assessing the priorities correctly.

How To Get Started On A Diet

Even if right now is not a good time for you to begin a full-blown diet and/or exercise routine, there are simple, easy changes that you can make that will improve your health. Better is always better!

Simple Changes That Will Improve Your Health

Below are some ideas on simple changes you can make that will definitely improve your health, and set the groundwork for weight loss in the future. Just incorporating one change at a time, whenever you feel able, will make things better.

  1. Switch some or all of your soft drinks to water, coffee, or green tea
    2. Reduce fast foods
    3. Use stevia instead of sugar
    4. Take psyllium husk everyday to get more fiber
    5. Take fish oil supplements to get good fats
    6. Walk more
    7. Eat more veggies. You can keep it simple by eating more carrot, celery and cucumber sticks.
    8. Sleep more, as lack of sleep contributes to weight gain
    9. Reduce stress, as stress contributes to weight gain


Self-sabotage may be another reason you are procrastinating. This can be happening without your awareness, on a subconscious level. In other words, the process may be happening immediately and automatically without your realizing. It is helpful to monitor yourself objectively to see if you are sabotaging yourself.

Below are 2 helpful videos on self-sabotage and how you can overcome them.

Dr. Kim Taylor Show

Tony Robbins

Why Do People Procrastinate Going On A Diet?

The reasons why people procrastinate doing something are usually NOT because they are lazy, disorganized or don’t care. The reason is mainly discomfort associated with whatever they have to do.

Following are common reasons why people procrastinate:

1. Fear of failure

In terms of weight loss, you may wish to avoid the negative emotions you feel if the diet fails, or having other people see that you did not succeed with the diet.

2. Fear of success

In terms of weight loss, you may be afraid of being attractive for whatever reason, perhaps because your spouse or all your friends are overweight.

3. Perfectionism

You are seeking perfectionism, and as a result, feeling overwhelmed by all the things you need to do to complete the task “perfectly.”

In terms of losing weight, you may feel overwhelmed by all the changes you need to make in your life, to do the diet or exercise perfectly.

4. Negative Association

In terms of dieting, you may have a negative association with diets in general. For example, you may associate dieting with extreme hunger, painful exercises, non-satisfying foods, and lack of concentration.

How To Not Procrastinate

Below are some tips on how to stop procrastinating, so that you can begin your journey toward weight loss, health, and happiness.

1. Address The Reason Why You Are Procrastinating

First, you need to find out WHY you are procrastinating. Typically it is one of the reasons mentioned above; fear of success, fear of failure, perfectionism, or negative association.

You will need to address what is stopping you, so that you can formulate a plan that addresses that point. For example, if you are a perfectionist, you need to be ready to be a non-perfectionist doing things imperfectly, since that is life and true for everyone : )

2. Address Self-Sabotage

By procrastinating, you are essentially sabotaging yourself. Read books, watch videos, and attend seminars about self-sabotage, so you can overcome them.

3. Take Action First Thing In The Morning

As the day progresses, we tend to get caught up with work or chores, and by the end of the day, we tend to be quite exhausted.

That is why we should do the most important things or most uncomfortable things first thing in the morning, when we have the most energy and enthusiasm.

Below are examples of what you can do first thing in the morning for weight loss.

  • Read up on how to lose weight, nutrition and exercise
  • Exercise
  • Go shopping for healthy foods
  • Make healthy meals for the day

Move beyond procrastination and self-sabotage, and start losing weight!