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How To Maintain Weight

How to Maintain WeightIf you are wondering how to maintain weight, then there are a number of things you can do so that you don’t add weight again. The good thing about maintaining weight after weight loss is that it is easier to maintain weight than lose weight, and that if you have lost weight through successful dieting, you probably already have learned many essential weight management habits.

Write down those good habits that you learned, so that you can refer back to them over and over again. Those good habits that you will be recording are what worked specifically for you, your personality, your life style, and your likes and dislikes.

7 Tips On How To Maintain Weight

Here is a list of some other tips on how to maintain weight and keep that weight off for good.

#1 Maintain the change of lifestyle

Don’t revert back to your old habits that made you gain weight. Continue your healthy eating and exercise schedule. The longer you stick with your new schedule, the faster it will become your new lifestyle.

#2 Don’t eat lazily

This means mindlessly eating sugary snacks to get bursts of energy especially when you are busy or under stress because they are easily available and cheap. If you know you will have a highly intensive day at work or at home, pack healthy snacks such as fruits, yogurt, nuts or any other healthy snack. They will provide you sustained energy without the feeling of sudden hunger.

#3 Gradually increase the number of calories that you are consuming

Gradually increase your calorie consumption and find out how many calories you can eat in order to not gain weight. Required calorie intake differs by person based on many factors including weight and activity level. Gradually increasing calorie intake will allow you to figure out just how many calories you can eat before you gain. Once you know how many calories you can eat and not gain weight, stick to it!

#4 Don’t allow yourself to gain more than 4 pounds at a time

It’s tempting to tell yourself that you can lose 4-5 pounds easily since you’ve done it before. Yes you can, but it will be a pain. Going on a diet takes commitment and dedication, and once you’ve gotten used to eating non-diet foods, it will be hard to go back. You can probably lose 2-3 pounds by going on a 1 week diet which is doable. However once you gain 4 or more pounds, it will probably require 2-3 weeks or more of consecutive dieting, which will feel painful and thus maybe not successful. So, avoid the need to go on a long-term diet again by making sure never to gain more than 4 pounds at a time.

#5 Eat sweets, alcohol, and other bad foods in moderation

Don’t forget that these foods will make you gain weight super fast. You can enjoy them now that you are happy with your weight, but in moderation. What would be ideal is to find healthy, savory alternatives to these bad foods and eliminate them from your diet.

#6 Plan your meals and exercise times

This tip on how to maintain weight is important so that you don’t fall back into the bad habit of snacking on junk food and/or not exercising. If you are busy during the week, you can plan a week’s meals in advance over the weekend down to the snacks you will eat. This makes it easier for you to stick to healthy eating as the meals are already planned and readily available. Set aside time to exercise as this is important in your quest to maintain your weight. If needed, you can try something new or change your routine every so often so that it does not get boring.

#7 It’s ok to cheat in moderation

Again, if you crave sweets and unhealthy snacks, you can indulge yourself reasonably then get back to healthy eating. The important thing to remember, is to always eat these foods in moderation! Don’t get the regular fruit tart (about 500 calories); get the mini-tart (usually about 250 calories). Eat 2 pieces of cookies instead of 10. As for your regular meals, eat a wide variety of healthy foods so that you get the nutrients you need and you don’t get bored with healthy eating.

Some experts say that it takes a person only 30 days to form a new habit. If you continue your healthy lifestyle, it will start more and more to feel normal, and eventually eating junk food will make you feel sick, and not exercising will actually make you crave exercise. So stick to it!