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How To Lose Weight For Good

How To Lose Weight

Are you desperately looking for an answer as to how to lose weight?

There are many resources that explain in detail, including on this website, what you can do nutritionally or exercise regimens to lose weight. They usually involve one or more of the following:

  • Reducing calorie consumption
  • Eating low-carb
  • Introducing exercise into your life
  • Intensive exercise regimens
  • Eating whole foods
  • Avoiding processed foods
  • Reducing sugar intake

Among these, you will probably be able to find a few healthy methods that suit your character and lifestyle.

So what stops people from losing weight, after they’ve found a good diet that is a good fit for their situation?

Top Reasons Why People Stop Dieting

Below are top reasons why people stop dieting (source: ABC News):

1. Lack of stick-with-it-ness.

According to a survey, out of people who diet frequently, 2 out of 5 quit within the first 7 days, 1 out of 5 quit after 1 month, and about 1 out of 5 make it to 3 months.

2. Body rebellion

Going on a drastic diet can cause the following uncomfortable symptoms that make the dieter want to quit immediately:

  • Headaches
  • Physical and mental fatigue
  • Upset digestive system
  • Brain fog

3. Hunger

Another reason why people quit their diets is because they cannot stand the hunger. Some diets make the dieter feel hungry 1 hour after eating, or even just after 5 minutes! Not many people can stand being hungry all the time, and that is why people quit their diets.

4. Cravings

Everyone has splurge foods they simply cannot live without, and these cravings can build up and end up in binge eating and quitting the diet. Worst case, long-term, these strong cravings can end up in yo-yo dieting in which the dieter gains and loses significant weight as in a “rollercoaster.”

5. Social pressure

Social pressure is another reason people quit their diet. If you like to go out eating or drinking often, this may be something you need to watch out for. Well-meaning friends or family members may urge you to eat or drink fattening foods, and you may feel guilty declining them.

6. Emotions

Another major cause of people quitting their diets is their emotional dependency on food. Since we were little, we have been conditioned to use food for emotional comfort, whether that be celebrating or showing affection with food. That is why many people turn to food whenever there is an emotional trigger such as anger, sadness, fear and even extreme happiness.

Knowing the top reasons why people quit their diets is a great way to avoid the same mistakes, and see your diet through to the end and lose weight!

6 Tips on How to Lose Weight for Good

Based on the above common reasons why people quit their diets, below are some tips on how to lose weight for good:

1. Avoid a Drastic Change

You may want to avoid a drastic change to your diet or exercise routine, so that you don’t experience “body rebellion.” Ease into your diet, by perhaps taking a step-by-step approach in which you first start by cutting out soda and junk food.

2. Avoid Hunger

Find healthy diet foods that make you feel full, so that you can avoid constant hunger. Lean protein (organic eggs, poultry, fish, beans and lentils), fiber (celery, cucumber, tomatoes), and good fats (avocado, coconut oil) are good examples.

3. Allow Yourself Indulgences

Allow yourself reasonable indulgences throughout your diet, so that you don’t build up your cravings and explode one day, and quit.

4. Don’t Give In to Social Pressure

Be polite and firm about not eating fattening foods when going out with other people. If you keep yourself busy munching on healthy foods like salad, people won’t have a chance to ask you!

5. Combat Emotional Eating

If you feel like eating emotionally, try the below tricks:

  • Take a deep breath (or two!)
  • Listen to guided meditation
  • Eat something healthier first, like fruit
  • Talk to someone

6. Get Ready

Make sure you are ready to go on the diet. Ask yourself if you are really serious about losing weight. If your life is hectic right now, it may not be the best time to go on a diet. Get mentally ready and get your environment ready for the diet so that you have a good chance of seeing your diet to the end.