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How Many Calories In One Cup Of Coffee

how many calories in one cup of coffeeIf you drink a lot of coffee, you may be wondering how many calories in one cup of coffee. Calories in coffee are between 0 to 2 calories per cup.

Do you worry about calories in coffee and how they will affect your waistline? If you love coffee you may find yourself reaching for a second or even third cup which could mean even more calories depending on what you put in the coffee.

According to the Mayo Clinic a plain brewed cup of coffee only contains 2 calories and it contains no fat. So far so good!

If you are on a diet, from a calorie perspective, this is just fine until you start adding extras like cream, sugar, milk, and so on. 1 tablespoon of sugar contains 49 calories. 1 tablespoon of fat free milk contains 5 calories whereas half-in-half contains 20 calories.

If you are dieting be careful about what you add to each cup. If you like sweet coffee drinks, consider adding Stevia as a sweetener instead of ordinary sugar. It has zero calories and tastes just like sugar. For weight loss, it is recommended that you do not add milk, cream, or whip cream.