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How Many Calories In An Egg?

how many calories in an eggFor people looking to lose weight, you may be considering a high protein diet; if this is the case, you may also be wondering how many calories are in an egg.

Calories in an egg are about 70 calories in a whole egg, and 15 calories in egg whites.

There are several benefits to eating eggs for weight loss, namely the fact that they are extremely high in protein, and are pretty low in calories.

Eggs are great for the protein value, which is something that does truly help with weight loss. Eggs are also carb free, so they can help you get calories from healthy fats, without the carbs. A good way to get volume without much calories is to use more egg whites. For example, mix 2 whole eggs with egg whites from 1 more egg.

For a healthy alternate to high carb breakfasts, eggs will keep you full and will help you get higher protein intake each day. Another benefit is that eggs boost your metabolic rate, which is extremely helpful when you are trying to lose weight.