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Truth About Healthy High Carb Foods

healthy high carb foods featured 1Are there such things as healthy high carb foods? Yes absolutely!

Before we continue, let’s step back and clarify the meaning of “carb.” Technically, carbs are made up of 1) sugars, 2) starches and 3) fibers. Yes, fiber is a type of carb!

Too much sugars and starches are typically not good for weight loss and health. On the other hand, fiber is excellent for weight loss and health as it slows absorption of sugar into the body, and helps clean out your body of waste.

So, high fiber foods are the healthiest high carb foods. Healthy high-fiber foods are typically found among vegetables and some fruits. You will not find healthy high carb foods among commercially processed foods as they are typically stripped of their natural fibers.

The best carbohydrate foods also provide lots of vitamins and minerals.

What Are Healthy High Carb Foods?

Vegetables are the best sources of healthy high carb foods as most vegetables contain lots of fiber, which is a type of carbohydrate. They also typically have little sugar which make them weight-loss friendly.

Some low sugar fruits also fall into the category of healthy high carb foods. Examples are blackberries, blueberries and strawberries.

Besides vegetables and low-sugar fruits, most legumes are good sources for healthy high carbohydrate foods.

Below is a list of healthy legumes with at least 20% of the carbs coming from fiber, based on the USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference (1).

#1 Green Snap Beans

Carb content: 77%
% of Fiber in Carbs: 39%

#2 Split Peas

Carb content: 71%
% of Fiber in Carbs: 39%

#3 Green Peas

Carb content: 74%
% of Fiber in Carbs: 35%

#4 Lima Beans

Carb content: 72%
% of Fiber in Carbs: 34%

#5 Chick Peas

Carb content: 66%
% of Fiber in Carbs: 33%

#6 Kidney Beans

Carb content: 71%
% of Fiber in Carbs: 32%

#7 Pinto Beans

Carb content: 75%
% of Fiber in Carbs: 30%

#8 Adzuki Beans

Carb content: 76%
% of Fiber in Carbs: 29%

#9 White Beans

Carb content: 71%
% of Fiber in Carbs: 25%

#10 Navy Beans

Carb content: 72%
% of Fiber in Carbs: 25%

Tips On Eating Healthy High Carb Foods

  • Try to eat a variety of healthy high carb foods, focusing on vegetables. This will ensure you will get the full range of nutrients you need.
  • Never eat legumes raw, as they can be toxic when uncooked (2). Make sure to cook with high heat.
  • Limit commercially processed foods even if they have added fiber, as they typically contain artificial ingredients and have little other nutritional value.


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