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14 Effective And Good Low Calorie Snacks for Busy People

good low calorie snacksAre you looking for good low calorie snacks that are easy to prepare?

The snacks listed below are perfect for busy professionals, moms, dads, and teenagers who don’t have the time to cook daily snacks but are looking for easy, good low calorie snacks that will not sabotage their weight loss.

We’ve listed below good low calorie snacks that aim to do the following
1) satisfy you mentally
2) make your hunger go away until your next meal
3) will not make you gain weight in the short term and in the long term
4) do not make you physically sick/do not cause any illness
5) no cooking required/are simple to prepare

As a general rule, when choosing snacks, you should try to limit:

Recommended Good Low Calorie Snacks for Weight Loss

Check out the calories for each of the snacks below and mix and combine to your liking, targeting ideally less than 200 calories per snack.

1. Almond Milk

Calories: 40 calories per cup

Almond milk is an excellent drink that you can have as a snack. It hardly has any sugar, has less than half the calories of fat free skim milk, and is very fulfilling.
A delicious way to drink almond milk is to put a pinch of stevia powder (which has zero calories) in it. It makes it taste just like regular milk. You can also heat it up and make “hot milk” to enjoy on cold days.

Snack combination ideas for almond milk
2 Cookiehead spelt flour brownies (see below) and 2 cups of almond milk: 186 calories

2. Cherry Tomatoes

Calories: 3 calories per tomato

Cherry tomatoes are excellent as snacks because they have a natural sweetness that makes it feel more like a snack than a meal. With only 3 calories per tomato, you can eat 40 of them and still be consuming only 120 calories.
Putting a little bit of salt on them brings out their natural sweet flavor even more.

Snack combination ideas for cherry tomatoes
2 Laughing Cow Light Cheese wedges and 30 cherry tomatoes: 160 calories

3. Raw Almonds

Calories: 6 calories per almond (60 calories for 10 almonds)

Almonds contain various nutrients and antioxidants such as fiber, protein, calcium, vitamin E, and selenium. You can also get good fats from almonds which are beneficial not only for your health but also for weight loss.

Raw almonds are recommended as they most likely contain the most nutrients.

Raw almonds are great for snacks as they will give you a feeling of sustained fullness. However, they are easy to over-consume, so make sure to only eat a small handful!

Snack combination ideas for raw almonds
2 Laughing Cow Light Cheese wedges and 15 raw almonds: 160 calories
1 boiled egg with salt, carrot sticks made from 1 medium carrot, 10 raw almonds: 165 calories

4. Egg

Calories: 80 calories for whole egg, 16 calories for egg white

According to Harvard Medical School, eggs provide nutrients to your body including protein and healthy unsaturated fats.

An egg can be an excellent snack since it is good for you and also gives you a feeling of fullness. If you have time to make scrambled eggs, you can mix 1 part whole egg and 2 parts egg whites (112 calories).

If possible, try to eat only organic eggs.

Snack combination ideas for eggs
1 boiled egg with salt and a turkey-lettuce wrap: 172 calories
1 boiled egg with salt, carrot sticks made from 1 medium carrot with 1 tablespoon of raw almond butter: 195 calories

5. Carrot Sticks

Calories: 25 calories per medium sized carrot

Carrot sticks continue to be one of the best snacks for weight loss.
They contain antioxidants, are low-calorie, and have a natural sweetness and good amount of fiber.

Actually any non-starchy vegetable would make a good snack (such as celery), but carrots particularly make a good snack due to its sweetness and convenience (easy to cut up and carry around).

Snack combination ideas for carrot sticks
Carrot sticks made from 1 medium carrot, 2 Laughing Cow Light Cheese wedges, and 10 raw almonds: 155 calories

6. Raw Almond Butter

Calories: 90 calories per tablespoon

Raw almond butter is a great complement to your snacks, making them very tasty.
A delicious way to use almond butter is to put a pinch of stevia powder in it. Almond butter is easy to over-consume, so make sure to only use a tablespoon at most for the taste.

Snack combination ideas for raw almond butter
1 tablespoon of raw almond butter, carrot sticks made from 1 medium carrot, 2 Laughing Cow Light Cheese wedges: 185 calories

7. Stevia Powder

Calories: ZERO

Stevia is a natural sweetener that has been used for over 1500 years with no known side effects. It is an excellent substitute for sugar and any artificial sweetener. Stevia is a few hundred times sweeter than sugar, so a little goes a long way.

Snack combination ideas for stevia powder
You can add stevia powder to almond milk, almond butter, yogurt, coffee, and tea.

8. Laughing Cow Light Cheese Wedge

Calories: 35 calories per wedge

First of all, dairy snacks may not work for everyone, so watch your body’s response and particularly watch your weight if you are trying out dairy snacks. Many people have some kind of allergy to dairy and/or cannot lose weight efficiently when consuming dairy as part of their diet.

Also ideally organic dairy products are better, so if you can find a good organic alternative, that would be better for you.

In the mean time The Laughing Cow brand Light cheese wedges have such low calories and are convenient to carry around, making them a good choice for an occasional treat.

Adding fat to your snack has the benefit of satisfying you as well as providing you with a sustained feeling of fullness.

Snack combination ideas for Laughing Cow Light Cheese wedge
2 Laughing Cow Light Cheese wedges and 15 raw almonds: 160 calories

9. Unsweetened Plain Yogurt

Calories: 100 calories

Again some people may want to avoid dairy altogether for weight loss. So watch how your weight responds to dairy products. And organic is better for dairy products.

The Green Valley brand has a delicious organic lactose-free plain yogurt.

Yogurt can be a tasty, satisfying treat for many people. There is no need to buy sweet, flavored yogurts with added sugar (and added calories!). Simply put some stevia powder in your yogurt and it will taste very sweet and delicious.

Snack combination ideas for unsweetened plain yogurt
1 unsweetened plain yogurt with stevia powder and 10 raw almonds: 160 calories
1 unsweetened plain yogurt with stevia powder and 1/2 cup of blackberries*: 131 calories
1 unsweetened plain yogurt with stevia powder, 1/2 cup of blackberries, 5 raw almonds: 161 calories

*Blackberries are one of the recommended fruit choices since within the fruit universe, they have relatively low sugar (3.5 grams of fructose in 1 cup of blackberries) and relatively low calories.

10. Turkey-Lettuce Wrap with Yellow Mustard

Calories per turkey-lettuce wrap: 92 calories

If you are feeling like eating some meat, turkey slices wrapped in lettuce flavored with yellow mustard is a good choice.
The Applegate brand has organic roasted turkey breast slices that are free of antibiotics and low in calories.

Ingredients in 1 turkey-lettuce wrap
1/2 package of Applegate organic roasted turkey breast slices (3-4 slices): 75 calories
1 leaf of lettuce: 2 calories
5 teaspoons of yellow mustard: 15 calories

Snack combination ideas for turkey-lettuce wrap
1 turkey-lettuce wrap and 1 unsweetened plain yogurt with stevia powder: 192 calories
1 turkey-lettuce wrap and 15 almonds: 182 calories
1 turkey-lettuce wrap, carrot sticks from 1 medium carrot, and 1 Laughing Cow Light Cheese wedge: 152 calories

11. Coffee/Green Tea

Calories: 0-2 calories per cup

Unsweetened coffee has 0 to 2 calories per cup, and can be a good hunger quencher for some people. Green tea has zero calories, and contains catechins that are said to aid in weight loss.

If you drink a lot of caffeine, you may want to take calcium supplements, in case you are losing some calcium due to the caffeine.

Try sipping on coffee or green tea if you feel hungry between meals and see if that helps quench your hunger.

Snack combination ideas for coffee
Coffee with almond milk and stevia powder

Relatively High Sugar, Good Low Calorie Snacks

Below are low-calorie but relatively high sugar snacks that you may enjoy. If you are eating any of these as snacks, you probably should limit consumption of sugar from other sources.

One thing to keep in mind about fruits is that they do contain sugar. So if you are eating 3 of the brownies below or a VitaTop (each has a total sugar of 11g), you should not eat lots of fruit in addition to that. Otherwise, you will risk overconsuming sugar. Fruits have many beneficial properties but over-consuming them may negate those benefits as well as make you gain weight, due to the sugar content.

12. Cookiehead Sprouted Spelt Flour Brownies

Calories: 53 calories per brownie

These Cookiehead brownies are milk-free, taste delicious, and best of all relatively low calorie for a brownie.
3 of these satisfying brownies add up to only 160 calories.

These brownies are sold at select supermarkets including Whole Foods and Kings Supermarkets as well as online on their website. The price is about $6 per container.

Snack combination ideas for Cookiehead sprouted spelt flour brownies
2 Cookiehead sprouted spelt flour brownies and 2 cups of almond milk: 186 calories
2 Cookiehead sprouted spelt flour brownies, 10 raw almonds, a cup of coffee: 168 calories

13. Deep Chocolate VitaTop

Calories: 100 calories

The Deep Chocolate Vitatop is a 100-calorie chocolate muffin top that is sold by Vitalicious. As a matter of fact, all of their muffin tops have only 100 calories each, with the flavor ranging from Banana Choco Chip to Triple Chocolate Chunk.

The Deep Chocolate Vitatop is almost always the flavor recommended by various websites, and many people love the taste combined with the low calories.

You must purchase these muffin tops frozen and put them immediately in the freezer for them to taste good.
The most convenient and cheapest way to purchase them is probably at your local supermarket. They should be in the freezer section.

Snack combination ideas for Deep Chocolate VitaTop
1 Deep Chocolate VitaTop and 2 cups of almond milk: 180 calories

Tip: Occasionally if you feel like indulging in a decadent treat, you can make a VitaTop Whoopie Pie. Thaw the Vitatop enough so that you can slice it horizontally in half, then spread 1-2 tablespoons of low-calorie whipped topping and make a whoopie pie. This will add up to between 115-130 calories. If you keep the whipped topping in the freezer, you can use them whenever you like as much as you need, and they will last for a long time.

In the below video, Lisa Lillien shows how to make the Whoopie Pie on Rachael Ray’s show.

14. Any Whole Fruit

Whole fruits when eaten in moderation provide great benefits including a host of vitamins and minerals. However they do contain sugar (some a lot more than others) and some have high calories, so over-consuming them could hamper your weight loss.

Below is a list of fruits that have relatively low calories AND low sugar content.

1/2 pink or red grapefruit – 53 calories
Strawberries – 60 calories per 10 strawberries
Raspberries – 64 calories per cup
Blackberries – 62 calories per cup

Eat Snacks That You Really Enjoy

We all need to indulge in our favorite snacks once in a while. Or you may be craving a certain snack after going through a challenging day. There will be no weight loss unless you continue your diet, and having your favorite snack here and there just may be the key to continuing on.

Some may even say that without their favorite snack, they would not be able to go on a diet. Eating exactly what you want can be very emotionally satisfying and leave you feeling mentally full.

Here are some tips when eating your favorite snack, whatever that may be.

Try to keep the calories below 200 calories.
This will allow you to have sufficient calories left for the rest of your meals.
It will naturally limit the amount you eat of your favorite snack, which may contain unhealthy ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup.

Do not exceed your daily calorie budget.
In other words, if you eat a 500 calorie pastry, those 500 calories will have to be taken out from somewhere else such as lunch or dinner. That pastry better be worth it!

High-Calorie Snacks at Your Cafe

It’s really important to be planned about your snacks. If you compulsively buy just any snack when you are outside, chances are that whatever you buy has extremely high calories.

Here are calories of sample snacks that you may compulsively buy.

Zucchini Walnut Muffin: 490 calories
Starbucks® Classic Coffee Cake: 440 calories
Iced Lemon Pound Cake: 490 calories

Pumpkin muffin: 590 calories
Cinnamon chip scone: 620 calories
Bear claw: 550 calories