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Foods That Burn Fat

Foods that Burn FatWhile an overall healthy diet and plenty of exercise is the best way to lose weight, there are a few foods that burn fat that you can incorporate into your diet that will help you to get faster, better results. These fat burning foods help to fire up your metabolism so that you burn more calories, and lose more weight.

The good news is that these foods help you to drop the pounds while you are simply going about your daily activities; add a good fitness plan into the mix and you will lose weight faster than you thought possible.


Eating foods that burn fat such as beef, chicken, pork, and turkey will help you lose weight much faster. It takes more time and energy for your body to digest the protein found in these foods, which burns fat. The more protein you eat, the harder your body works and the more calories you burn.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Your salmon and other fish products filled with omega-3 fatty acids are all foods that burn fat. Omega-3 also increases insulin sensitivity, which means your body produces less insulin after meals, which leads to less fat being stored in your body. Sources of Omega-3 include sardines, salmon, flax seeds and walnuts. It may be easier to take Omega-3 supplements to get sufficient intake on a regular basis.


By eating hot, spicy foods such as jalapenos, cayenne peppers, and habanero peppers you are increasing your chances of burning fat. The ingredient that gives these peppers their kick will help to increase your heart rate, which gets your metabolism pumping for at least three hours after you eat. Essentially, this means you will continue to burn excess fat well after you stop eating.


Foods that burn fat aren’t just foods; they are in green tea as well. The EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) found in green tea has shown to increase metabolism and increase fat oxidation. Recommended quantity is 3-4 cups a day.

Make Sure To Eat Foods That Burn Fat

Foods that burn fat are a great addition to your already healthy diet and exercise plan. You will help your body to burn more fat and use more energy simply by eating, which aids in your attempts to lose weight and diet. Try incorporating the above natural fat burning foods into your diet for the best possible weight loss results.