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Eat Right For Your Blood Type

Eat Right For Your Blood TypeEat Right for Your Blood Type is a book published by author and naturopathic doctor Dr. Peter D’Adamo, which continues to be controversial to this day. While many people claim the diet based on this book have worked for them health-wise and weight-loss wise, multiple experts have expressed skepticism and even a warning with respect to this diet, which is based on your blood type.

Overview of the Eat Right for Your Blood Type Diet

See below a summary of the blood type diet by Dr. Peter D’Adamo. Note that the actual diet is a lot more specific and detailed. If you are interested in trying, it is recommended that you use his book as a guide.

Blood Type Description In A Nutshell Weight Loss Foods Weight Gain Foods Personality Exercise
A The agricultural blood type Eat primarily vegetarian Vegetable oils, soy foods, vegetables, pineapple Meat, dairy, kidney/lima beans, too much wheat Clever, sensitive, passionate, very smart, tightly wired Gentle exercise like yoga
B The nomadic blood type Eat primarily Paleo plus dairy Green vegetables, meat, liver, eggs, low-fat dairy products, licorice tea Corn, lentils, peanuts, sesame seeds, buckwheat, wheat Flexible, creative, harmonious, empathetic Moderate exercise
AB The modern blood type (less than 5% of population) Eat primarily vegetarian plus fish Tofu, seafood, dairy, green vegetables, kelp, pineapple Red meat, kidney/lima beans, seeds, corn, buckwheat, wheat Don’t sweat the details, spiritual, diplomatic, charismatic Gentle and moderate exercise
O Based on the book, the oldest blood type Eat primarily Paleo Kelp, seafood, iodized salt, liver, red meat, kale, spinach, broccoli Wheat gluten, corn, kidney/navy beans, lentils, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, mustard greens Strong, certain, powerful, optimistic, daring, intuitive Vigorous exercise


Theory Behind the Blood Type Diet

Eat Right For Your Blood Type Book
The theory behind how the blood type diet supposedly works is that depending on your blood type, your blood reacts differently to lectins in different foods. Lectins are proteins found on the surface of over 1,000 food items.

Based on the theory, if you consume the “wrong” foods based on your blood type, your body will react negatively to the lectins found on those foods. This supposedly leads to deterioration of health and even weight gain.

Should You Do the Eat Right For Your Blood Type Diet?

It is recommended that you proceed with caution with this diet, and make sure to monitor how your body is reacting. If you decide to try this diet, it is also recommended that you have your health monitored by a physician periodically to make sure you are getting healthier.

Limiting sugar and grains is recommended no matter which blood type you are, since over-consuming them will lead to excess carbohydrate intake, leading to fat storage (usually around your tummy, thighs and chin!).

Note that with respect to meat, the book assumes you will be consuming organic meat.