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Diet Tips for Weight Loss

Diet Tips for Weight Loss

Here are essential diet tips  for weight loss to try. These are all tips for weight loss at home that you can start incorporating easily. Good luck!

6 Essential Diet Tips For Weight Loss

#1 Don’t eat late at night

This is one of the essential diet tips for weight loss. When you eat late at night, you are asking your digestive tract and bodily organs to get back to work when they are normally entering the sleeping phase.

This means that you will not process things well, and more importantly it means that you will not be able to properly use the calories you are consuming. Thus, those chips, cookies, sandwiches, and snacks consumed late at night or in the middle of the night are going to translate to two things – indigestion and extra weight.

According to WebMD, a study has shown that your risk of stroke can be reduced by over 65% if you wait at least 1 hour after dinner before you go to sleep. According to the study, the risk of stroke drops by another 10% for every 20 more minutes you wait to go to sleep.

#2 Don’t sleep (nap or go to bed) within 3 hours of eating

Just as you don’t want to eat late at night, you also don’t want to sleep within three hours after eating. Unless you are going to exercise intensely, you will probably not be able to burn off most of the calories you’ve consumed and your body will most likely store what you ate as fat.

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Going to bed soon after eating is also associated with an increased risk of acid reflux.

It is tempting to take a nap after eating especially if you are at home during the day. If you feel sleepy, try drinking green tea to wake yourself up. If that does not work, even drinking black tea or coffee is generally better than sleeping so soon after eating.

Of course, once in a while such as on your days off or on vacation, or even some weekends, enjoy those naps! Naps are great stress relievers so when done correctly, it will also help with your weight loss.

#3 Weigh yourself everyday or every other day

This is so that you can make a course correction quickly if you find that you gained weight. It is a lot easier to lose 2-3 pounds that you gained in a day or two than the 4-6 pounds you gained over a month because you didn’t check your weight.

Another reason to weigh yourself ideally each day is so that when you gain or lose weight, you can analyze what caused the weight gain or loss. Look back to what you ate the day or two days before and how you lived your day and you will start to see a pattern of what makes you gain weight or lose weight.

Keep in mind that your weight will most likely fluctuate every day. So don’t go crazy just because you gain a little; it happens to all of us. However if you are constantly gaining weight every day, even if little by little, then it’s time to make a course correction.

#4 If you must eat sweets, don’t eat them late at night

If you eat high-calorie foods such as sweets late at night, you will not have enough time to burn the calories off before you go to bed. All those unburned calories will then be readily converted into fat. If you eat sweets during the day, you will certainly burn off more of those calories resulting in less weight gain.

#5 Do simple weights

Doing simple weights is not painful and pretty easy. It’s easy to add 10 minutes of simple weight lifting after your cardio exercise. However, the benefits are great both for your weight and health. In terms of weight loss, the great thing about building muscles is that you will burn a lot more calories while you go about your daily life; while going shopping, working, chatting with your friends, and even sleeping!

#6 If it fails, try again and again

This is one of the most overlooked diet tips for weight loss. You will probably go through several (even dozens!) diet methods before you find the right one for you. As you get older, a different diet may work for you than the one that worked for you before. This is because you may have a different lifestyle, preferences, or health conditions. Don’t take it too seriously if one doesn’t work. You just haven’t found the right one. Just keep on learning and trying because your health and well being are and will always be important, and are not something you should ever give up on!