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Clean Program

Clean Program

The Clean Program was developed by Doctor Alejandro Junger who battled depression and irritable bowel syndrome before changing his diet and lifestyle. Through his experience he developed the Clean Program that promotes weight loss and detoxification. The program has been followed by multiple celebrities such as Demi Moore, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Martha Stewart.

Under the Clean Program, the dieter is recommended to have a liquid meal for breakfast and dinner and a solid meal for lunch. Dieters can have meal replacement shakes, fresh juices, soups and also blended smoothies. A 12 hour window needs to be there between breakfast and the last meal of the day, as this is the only way to detox the whole process. The Clean Program has three central pillars which are (1) Removing toxins from the body, (2) Restoring whatever is lacking from the body, and (3) Rejuvenating.

There are two different cleanses to choose from ranging from $250-$425. The programs come with support coaching and free shipping. The Clean Program lasts for a total of 21 days. Dr. Junger claims it works well for weight loss and vitality.

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Category Super Fast Diet
Length of Diet 21 Days
Claimed Weight Loss Clean Program makes no specific weight loss claims in terms of pounds lost
Product Type 21-Day Cleanses
Maintenance Kits
Individual products (mainly supplements)
Book – The book includes strategies and healthy foods to eat on the program.
The supplements include specific powders and pills to be taken as part of the regimen.
Price Cleanses: $250 or $425
Maintenance Kits: $130-$160
Individual products (mainly supplements) from $20
Book: $11.55 (Price may vary)
Pros 1. Cleanses include support coaching (support coaching only available when you purchase one of the cleanses)
2. Balanced healthy foods
3. Backed by science
Cons 1. Expensive
2. A very low calorie diet
3. Not a long term weight loss solution
Special Promotions None
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