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Low Carb Diet

Low carb diet

What Is A Low Carb Diet? A low carb diet or a no carb diet comes in different flavors (and below is a list of low carb diets), but they all have one thing in common, a significant reduction of carbohydrates (potatoes, rice, bread, etc.) and sugar. At the same time, you are allowed to

Examples Of Low Carb Diets

Low carb diets

What Are Low Carb Diets? Low carb diets are diet plans that cut down on the intake of sugars and starches, typically replacing them with protein and healthy fats. Low carb diets are extremely popular and can be very effective. Here is a simple overview of a low carb diet, if you are not familiar with it.

Caveman Diet Plan

Caveman Diet Paleo Diet Plan

What is the Caveman Diet Plan? The Caveman Diet plan, also referred to as the Paleo Diet, Stone Age Diet, Paleolithic Diet, Primal Diet, and Hunter-Gatherer Diet is a modern low carb diet. In this article, the “Caveman diet” and the “Paleo diet” will be used interchangeably. The Caveman diet plan is based on the

No Carb Foods List

No Carb Foods

No carb foods are those food items, whether natural or processed, that have zero carbohydrate content. First, let’s back up and talk about carbohydrates. There are 3 main types of carbohydrates: sugar, starch, and fiber. Yes, sugar and fiber are actually carbohydrates! It gets a bit confusing because when people talk about carbs, they are

The New Atkins Diet

Eco Atkins Diet

The New Atkins Diet Versus the Original Plan How is the new Atkins diet different from the original plan? The Atkins Diet needs no introduction. Perhaps the best known high-protein, low-carb diet out there, Atkins has been criticized for being too high in fat and for its potential to cause heart disease and other health issues –