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What Causes Vitamin D Deficiency?

What Causes Vitamin D Deficiency?

Vitamin D deficiency causes a number of illnesses. Not just rickets (a bone deforming disease, first discovered in the mid-1600s), but there is also a growing body of evidence that Vitamin D helps against high blood pressure, cancer and multiple sclerosis (1). So, if Vitamin D is so important, what causes Vitamin D deficiency? You

Are There Good Diet Pills and What Are Available?

Good Diet Pills

While diet and exercise are often the best ways to lose weight, many people look for good diet pills to help them shed the pounds. After all, the promise of a miracle “weight loss in a bottle” solution is hard to resist. That said, experts recommend always talking to your doctor before using any type

Vegan Diet Plan – What You Want to Know

Vegan Diet Plan

Are you interested in starting a vegan diet plan? What’s “Vegan” Anyway? The word “vegan” was created in 1944 to define vegetarians who don’t eat dairy. Coined by Donald Watson (the director of the newly created Vegan Society), the term eventually expanded to include other foods and even other products made using animal materials or

The Pros and Cons of Atkins Bars

Atkins Bars

Atkins bars are high-protein, low-carb snack bars meant to help you shed the pounds. By replacing one of your regular snacks or small meals with a bar, you are cutting down on calories and carbohydrate consumption without having to count carbs or worry about portion size. Like with every other diet and weight loss tool

What Are Herbal Diet Pills?

Herbal diet pills

Herbal diet pills are weight loss supplements that rely on herbal ingredients, rather than chemicals, to help you shed the pounds. Before you rush to your local health food store to buy some, however, there are some things you should know. First of all, the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate the