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Body Fat Percentage

What Is Body Fat Percentage?

Body Fat Percentage featured imageBody fat percentage focuses on the total fat in pounds divided by your total weight in pounds. This measure is particularly useful for athletes with high muscle mass.

While the calculation of body fat percentage is easy in theory, it is not that easy to measure in reality. There are a number of ways to accurately measure body fat percentage but most of them require specialists and special equipment.

What Is My Body Fat Percentage?

The most popular and easiest way to measure body fat is to purchase a body fat scale. A body fat scale measures, in addition to your weight, your body fat percentage. A very small and harmless electrical current passes through your whole body from one foot to the other on the scale. The current travels slower through fat and quicker through muscle, and based on an analysis of the current travel time, the body fat percentage scale gives you your body fat percentage reading.

Keep in mind that body fat scales only give you estimates and not precise readings. Factors such as wet feet, body temperature and the amount of water you just drank can all influence the result. In order to get the best results, you must be consistent as to when you weigh yourself.

The recommend time to weigh yourself is in the morning after your wake up, before you drink anything. That way, your body fat scale can provide a good estimate of your body fat percentage and an excellent indicator of your progress.

For example, if you do a lot of muscle exercises, you might see your body weight stay stable, but your body fat percentage drop. That is a good thing. You’ve replaced body fat with muscle. Good for you! A body fat percentage scale can show you that progress.

A good body fat scale, with good reviews, can be purchased for about $50 at online stores like Amazon.

What Does My Body Fat Percentage Mean?

According toWebMD, the American Council on Exercise has provided the following as ranges for body-fat percentage:

Essential fat10-12%2-4%
Obese32% plus26% plus