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Best Exercise to Lose Weight

best exercise to lose weightWhat is the best exercise to lose weight? The answer is it depends on the person. Everyone’s interest and diet are different and while the Pilates regimen that your friend used to drop a bunch of “baby weight” was ideally suited to her needs, you may need something else altogether. Having said that, there are some things you should keep in mind and that will hopefully help you, when choosing the best exercise for yourself.

How Weight Loss Works

It is extremely useful for you to understand that exercise is meant to work the muscles of the body in order for them to demand “energy” from the cells. This is also known as “burning calories”. When you eat less calories than you burn, it means you are going to lose weight.

There are good ways of eating less than you burn, and there are very bad ways of doing this as well. For instance, starving yourself and working out vigorously is going to eat away a lot of weight at a very rapid pace, but in a very unhealthy and unsustainable way.

What does that mean? Well, your body will actually use up more muscle than fat when it is starved and overly exercised. This is not only bad for long-term weight loss which requires muscles, but also not good for your health and well-being.

Best Exercise To Lose Weight – Work The Major Muscles

We suggest that you target the “muscle groups” that are large and demand the most energy. For example, people who speed walk, jog, run, or just walk long distances at a brisk pace will lose weight because they are asking the largest muscle groups in the body to do a lot of work.

The “glutes” (the muscles in the buttocks and hip area) are massive and use a lot of energy when they are being exercised. This means that any activity that targets these muscles is going to burn substantial calories too.

Mix the Muscles

When you exercise more than a single set of muscles, you begin tapping into a lot of stored calories (which are usually stored as fat). So, if you have decide to do some speed walking you may want to incorporate arm movements into the routine, or simply add some arm weights!

Just by incorporating a bit of “cross training,” you can activate large segments of the body and burn more calories. Additionally, as you build muscle, it will make your body a calorie burning machine because it requires a lot more energy to maintain muscle on the body than it does fat.

It also means that the calorie burning that results from exercise will tend to last longer and continuously for those with developed muscles. How do you feel about burning calories while you work, watch TV, and sleep? That is what you can accomplish by building muscles. You burn calories while you exercise and while you don’t.

Keep It Fun

The best exercise to lose weight is the one you actually enjoy! Whatever it is, if you hate it, you will not do it frequently or will even abandon it. So, choose an exercise that you can enjoy. Start with baby steps, and increase the length, intensity, or frequency over time little by little.

Start Tomorrow

Start doing exercises that target the large muscle groups, and make sure to incorporate muscle training that will develop your muscles. Make sure to keep it fun and manageable at the same time, or it won’t last for too long. Good luck!