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Scott Christ

Soup Diets

What You Need to Know About Soup Diets

Soup diets are becoming an increasingly popular way to lose weight. The premise of these diets is straightforward: eat large amounts of soup, plus a limited ...

Have You Tried These Diet Snacks?

One of the most important and overlooked parts of losing weight the healthy way is choosing the right diet snacks to supplement your healthy eating efforts. ...
low glycemic diet

Low Glycemic Diet In a Nutshell

The basic premise of the low glycemic diet is simple: eating certain foods can keep your blood sugar levels in check, which can help you lose or maintain we...
Smoothie Diet

8 Essential Smoothie Diet Tips

The smoothie diet is just as simple as it sounds: a diet plan that consists of drinking smoothies to help you lose weight, add lean muscle, and feel better abou...
Scott Christ

Scott Christ

Scott Christ is a writer, entrepreneur, and founder of Healthy Recipe Club, a monthly delivery service of simple and healthy real food recipe cards and seasoning mixes that donates a meal to a hungry child for each month you're a member.