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Almond Milk Benefits

almond milk benefits

Almond Milk Benefits: A Healthier Milk For A Healthier Life

Almond milk is great for those who are are interested in healthy alternatives to everyday items, as almond milk benefits its users in so many ways. If something can be switched with ease to a healthier substitute, it’s always a huge plus for a good diet. Lately there has been a trend of replacing everyday food items with healthier substitutes to assist with a better lifestyle, such as organic condiments, whole wheat breads, and even switching regular milk for almond milk. While regular milk can be used as part of a complete diet, almond milk has a considerable amount of advantages over its predecessor, making it a reliable and health conscious choice for better living.

While many are unaware of this fact, almond milk has actually been used for centuries. Created by mixing a solution of ground up almonds and water, the resulting almond milk drink was used as a milk substitute, in part due to the longer preservation time of almonds. While milk soured quickly in warm temperatures, or was turned into cheese or butter before it could have a chance to spoil, almond milk could be made as needed. Almonds lasted much longer than regular milk, also not requiring the cold temperatures that milk needed.

Almond Milk Benefits As A Milk Substitute

As far as milk substitutes go, almond milk is undoubtedly one of the best. With an abundance of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin E, magnesium, potassium, fiber, iron, calcium, and others, it offers the supplements of milk and more, but without the fat and cholesterol. Even better, as almond milk has practically no fat and no cholesterol, it comes in at a mere 40 calories per eight ounce serving (as opposed to 122 calories for a serving of 2% milk).

Almond milk is a fantastic alternative for anyone interested in healthier living, as it does more than provide a well-balanced diet. Almond milk also has a considerable amount of antioxidants, whereas regular milk does not. For those who are unaware, antioxidants are a great addition to a healthy diet as they fight many forms of cancer, and also slows the aging process, making it better for your diet, and better for your future.

Many are hesitant to substitute regular milk with almond milk because they are worried about the taste. However, as any almond milk drinker will mention, the taste is exceptionally delicious. It has a very similar consistency to milk, and has a light nutty flavor, providing a little extra to the flavor of that morning cup of coffee. Most anyone will claim if it tastes too good, it’s probably unhealthy. With almond milk though, this is not at all the case.

Without the cholesterol and saturated fat that are both found in regular milk, almond milk ultimately reigns supreme for anyone looking to add some healthier substitutes to their everyday diet. Almond milk has less of the bad, and more of the good. Fortified with a range of vitamins and minerals not found in regular milk, coupled with antioxidants to support a healthy body, choosing almond milk over regular milk is certainly a must for healthier living.

Tip: A Simple Way To Make Almond Milk Taste Just Like Regular Milk

Put a pinch of stevia powder (which has zero calories) into your almond milk. It will add sweetness to the almond milk, making it taste just like regular milk.