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About Us

We are a health, nutrition and fitness company, and are committed to helping people feel better, live better and become the best version of themselves.

According to the National Institute of Health, obesity and being overweight together are the second leading cause of preventable death, close behind tobacco use.

The name of this website fastslimbody.com was partially developed as an ironic response to the media’s obsession with instantaneous results that require extreme and unhealthy weight loss measures.

While short-term diets can be a solution for short-term weight loss, we believe that permanent weight loss requires permanent changes in lifestyle. Going back to old habits after losing some weight results usually in weight gain and the old body. With the right kind of information, the new lifestyle can be as fulfilling and as tasty as the old lifestyle, but this time in a healthy and slim body.

At the same time, FastSlimBody.com also wants to spread the understanding that in terms of weight, we are not all the same. For some people, losing weight and keeping it off is easier than for other people.

We are all in this journey, called life, and each one of us is trying to do the best we can. We hope that this understanding not only promotes self-acceptance, but also reduces the criticism and judging of others.

The tone of FastSlimBody.com is supportive, up-beat and motivational, as we believe that encouragement and positive mind-set are so important to achieving a lasting, healthy and slim body.

FastSlimBody.com was founded in 2011.