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A Low-Sugar Diet Makes Sugary Foods Taste Much Sweeter

Chocolate cake
A new study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests that maintaining a low-sugar diet for a while will make sugary foods taste much sweeter than they used to.

The study examined healthy adults who consumed a high amount of sugar on a regular basis, and divided them into two groups: one that maintained their high-sugar diet, and the other that changed to a low-sugar diet for 3 months.

Each month, the participants consumed vanilla pudding and a raspberry beverage. The low-sugar diet group found these sugary foods much sweeter in both intensity and pleasantness.

While both groups still craved for the same amount of sugar in the foods, this finding suggests that being on a low-sugar diet may help people eventually wean off of a high-sugar diet, as they may take comfort in knowing that the sugary treats will be significantly more enjoyable when consumed in moderation.

Medical Daily