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4 Hour Body Diet

4 Hour Body

What is the 4 Hour Body Diet?

The book, “The 4-Hour Body” is a weight loss book published in December 2010 by author Tim Ferriss which not only aims to show you how to lose weight but also covers other topics like sleep, sex, reversing injuries and getting stronger. The book is intended for both male and female audiences.

About the Author of the Book “4 Hour Body”

Who is Tim Ferriss? Timothy Ferriss is the author of the New York Times bestseller “The 4-Hour Workweek“. WIRED magazine has named him ‘The Superman of Silicon valley’. He is a former kickboxing champion. He gives guest lectures at Princeton University and is a faculty member at Singularity University. The author himself has served as a guinea pig for several experiments involved in his diet program. He has developed the program after getting ideas from a panel of experts that include scientists, doctors, and athletes.

Here is the official video trailer of the book 4 Hour Body.


What Are the Features of the “4 Hour Body” Book?

The first half of the book focuses on weight loss topics, and the rest of the book talks about other topics such as sex, sleep, and getting stronger.

Sections focusing on weight loss are:

Subtracting Fat

The first part deals with subtracting fat. He claims that you can lose 20 pounds in 30 days without exercise. The author calls his diet a ‘slow carb diet‘. He lays down 5 golden rules to be followed by the dieters. They are:

1. Avoid white carbohydrates. This is the first and foremost rule laid by Tim Ferriss for the dieters. White starchy carbohydrates include all bread, pasta, rice (even brown rice), potatoes, cereal, tortillas, and fried foods with breading.

2. Eat repeated meals. The author says that variety should be avoided if you want to shed the extra pounds that you carry. Fat loss and muscle gain can be attained if you limit the variety in your meals to 3 or 4 and repeat the same again and again. He provides a list of limited food items you can eat such as beef, pork, lentils, and spinach.

3. Drinks that contain a lot of calories must be avoided. He advises the dieters not to drink calories. Milk (including soy milk), soft drinks and fruit juices are calorie drinks that must be avoided.

4. The next rule is to not eat fruits. He argues that fructose found in fruits is one of the main culprits of fat gain.

5. The last rule is to take a day off per week and go nuts. You can eat whatever you want. Increasing the calorie intake one of the days in a week helps in boosting metabolism and preventing it from slowing down.

He also lists common mistakes people commit while on this diet.

What are the foods recommended by Tim Ferriss?
The list includes chicken, pork, grass feed organic beef, spinach, asparagus, egg whites, peas, cauliflower, and kimchee. Up to 2 gasses of red wine per day is allowed in this diet.

Adding Muscle

The next part deals with adding muscle. The book provides sample exercise routines through which Tim Ferriss himself gained 34 pounds of muscle in 28 days, by only exercising a total of 4 hours. He shares the exercises he did also on his website. He recommends the exercises to be done very slowly, for example 5 seconds up and 5 seconds down. He also recommends an interesting exercise called the kettlebell swing.

What Else Is Covered In The Book “4 Hour Body”?

Improving Sex

This section is written mainly for men, but women may also benefit. The ’15 minute female orgasm’ chapter, ‘Doubling sperm count’ and ‘Tripling testosterone’ chapter are highlights of this section.

Perfecting Sleep

This part deals with the tricks and tools to get better sleep. It also gives you guidelines on how to fall asleep faster. He also guides you on how you can feel rested by sleeping only 2 hours per day by taking precisely timed 20 minute naps.

Reversing Injuries

This chapter shares personal experiences of the author – his injuries and how he recovered from them. You will be surprised to know that there are so many techniques to recover from injuries.

Running Faster and Farther

In this part of Tim Ferriss’s 4-Hour Body, the author incorporates views from expert professionals like Charlie Francis and Joe DeFranco. He gives tips on how to increase your speed, performance and endurance. Tim tells the readers all about injury prevention and training for running longer distances.

Getting Stronger

This section deals with exercises like bench pressing, heavy deadlifts, and sprinting. This section is probably more suited for people who are already athletic and want to push themselves further for even more strength.

From Swimming to Swinging

This part deals with swimming tips as well as swinging techniques for hitting baseball.

Apart from the above mentioned sections, it has bonus materials like reasons to try a plant-based diet, removing stubborn thigh fat, and uses and abuses of DNA.

What are the Pros and Cons of the 4 Hour Body Diet?


It introduces an interesting concept of a cheat day. For some people, this may be what keeps them going on this diet; the knowledge that they can splurge once a week. The author also mentions that this day is actually necessary for overall weight loss. You can eat whatever you want, however much you want.

It is implied that no exercise is required for weight loss. Although there are several sections on building muscle and strength and other exercises, strictly speaking for weight loss, it appears no exercise is necessary.

In this diet, you never have to count calories on any day. On the 6 days when you are following the restricted food list, you can eat as much food on the list as you wish. On the cheat day as well, you can eat as much as you wish.

According to the book, you can build muscle quickly, which leads to even faster fat burning, by doing relatively simple exercises.


You may get tired of eating the same meals over and over again, using the same ingredients.

Food choices are severely restricted, and this may be tough for some people, even though there is a cheat day once a week.


Some people are reporting success with the 4 hour body diet (click here to read some success stories on Tim Ferriss’s blog). If this diet sounds appealing to you, it is certainly worth trying, and if you can stick to it, you will most likely lose weight.

On the cheat day, you may want to have 3 cheat meals (which should be satisfying enough) instead of bingeing all day long.


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