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4 Day Diet

4 Day Diet

Despite the name, the 4 Day Diet lasts longer than four days. The 4 Day Diet, developed by Dr. Ian Smith, lasts a total of 28 days and is divided into four day segments known as modules. There are a total of seven different modules including, Induction, Transition, Protein Stretch, Smooth, Push, Pace, and Vigorous.

Smith is a physician and claims the different modules transform the body through manipulating the metabolism. The first two modules must be done in order while the other five modules can be done in whatever order the dieter chooses. The 4 Day DietĀ is built to help dieters avoid common pitfalls such as boredom, severe food restriction, plateauing, and too much repetition. The 4 Day DietĀ also offers tools which help dieters in dealing with their psychological factors related to weight loss.

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Category Super Fast Diet
Length of Diet 28 Days
Claimed Weight Loss Up to 12 pounds over the 28 days
Product Type Book, Ebook, Audio CD
The book includes the diet plan, food lists, and strategies to keep you motivated while on the program.
Price Book: From $10.19
Ebook: $9.99
Audio CD: $2.81
Prices may vary.
Pros 1. Based on science, backed by research
2. Can be used for long-term weight loss
3. Provides tools to help with psychological factors
Cons 1. Can be difficult for some to stick to given the duration
Special Promotions None