3 Day Diet Plan

3 Day Diet Plan

The 3 Day Diet Plan, also called the Military Diet, is one of the most popular short term diets on the internet. It has been around since the mid 1980, without a source or author, but it is extremely popular and people report success (up to 10 pounds weight loss) on this diet. Often, the 3 day diet plan is mistakenly referred to as the Cleveland Clinic Diet.

3 Day Diet Plan At a Glance

Site Link None
Category Super Fast Diet
Length of Diet 3 Days
Claimed Weight Loss Up to 10 Pounds in 3 days
Product Type Free Information
Price Free
Pros 1. Fast results
2. No extra supplements
Cons 1. Low calories
2. Not recommended as a long-term weight loss solution
Special Promotions None
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3 Day Diet Plan Summary

The 3-day diet plan is very specific and cannot be deviated from. The foods are balanced and include proteins, fruits, vegetables, and grains. The calorie consumption is low. This particular diet should not be followed for longer than the three day period. Participants are not required to exercise.

The three day diet is a low calorie diet, and you can expect weight loss due to the sudden drop in calories. The problem is only that the calories on the 3 day diet are below 1200 calories a day, which triggers a slowdown in your body’s metabolism. Your body thinks that it hit an emergency situation, and adjusts (to ensure your survival) by reducing the amount of calories it burns. The 3 day military diet plan can be cycled as long as you incorporate an adjustment phase, which is 4-5 days of “regular” eating. In other words, you can repeat the 3 day diet plan continuously so long as you eat normally for 4 to 5 days after each 3-day cycle.

Many people are successful in losing weight on the 3 day diet plan. What is critical (if you want to keep the pounds off), is to slowly come back to normal eating after the 3 days, otherwise you will be at high risk of gaining it back quickly and then some!

In a nutshell, if you want to lose up to 10 pounds for that special occasion, the 3 day diet may be for you. If you want to keep the lost weight off, you need to carefully plan the return to your normal eating pattern.

Should I Exercise on the 3-Day Diet?

With such low calorie intake (below 1200 calories a day), it is probably better not to exercise during the 3 days since you will not be feeling very energetic. However, if you have the energy, and/or want to exercise, exercise will not only help you to lose weight faster, but it may also reduce your appetite, making it easier to be on this diet.

Based on a study (links below) by Dr. Stensel of the Loughborough University in the United Kingdom, aerobic exercises (walking, running) are better at suppressing appetite than non-aerobic (muscle) exercises. You could incorporate a simple walking exercise on a daily basis. If the weather in your area permits, you can also take a nice walk every day. The exercise may reduce your appetite and make this diet easier.

Now, once you are off the 3 day diet, exercise will become critical. If after a period of significant calorie reduction, you all of a sudden eat “normal” again, and maybe even eat MORE to fulfill your cravings, you will need to increase your exercise level to ensure that you can keep all or most of the weight loss.

Exercise suppresses appetite by affecting appetite hormones, American Physiological Society, 2008
Exercise Suppresses Appetite By Affecting Appetite Hormones, Science Daily

How to Decrease Your Appetite While on the 3 Day Diet

Feeling hungry or having an appetite is not just a physical phenomenon, it is also psychological. We eat because we are stressed, bored, or because it is “time” to eat. Here are a few tips to decrease your appetite naturally. This can be especially helpful during the 3 day diet as you only eat a limited amount of food, but these are also good weight loss tips outside the 3 day diet.

1. Drink water

3 Day Diet Plan WaterHunger and thirst are not that easy to distinguish. Low level thirst often feels like hunger. Drinking enough water throughout the day and before meals helps to ensure that what you are feeling is truly hunger, so that you don’t waste calories by eating, when water would have quenched your hunger! Drinking water should help to manage your hunger feelings while on the 3 day diet.

There also has been research showing that water consumption increases the rate at which people burn calories.

According to Mayo Clinic, you should be drinking at least eight 8-ounce glasses of fluid a day.

On a side note, there also has been research showing that drinking lime/lemon water is particularly helpful to lose weight. So if don’t mind the taste, lemon water may be the best water to drink.

2. Get enough sleep

3 Day Diet Plan SleepIf you don’t get enough sleep, you will tend to eat more, need more food to be not hungry and have a greater appetite, because your body hormones go into a direction that encourages weight gain. This short video (1 min) explains the importance of sleep for weight loss.

But there is more to sleep, according to Psychology Today. According to Psychology Today, you burn more calories sleeping than just lying down in bed during particular phases of your sleep.

The most calorie intense part of your sleep is the REM phase when your body burns a lot of calories. Unfortunately a big part of your REM occurs between the 6th hour and 8th hour of your sleep. So, if you miss those 2 hours, you will burn a lot less calories during your sleep.

Combining the 3 day diet with sleep for at least 8 hours a day ensures that you get the most weight loss, and that during the day your hormones don’t make you hungry.

Read more about how sleep affects weight loss.

3. Add more fiber to your diet

3 day diet plan psyllium seed husksPsyllium Husk is a natural product and is an effective fiber supplement. When combined with water, it swells up to 10 to 20 times its original size, filling you up effectively and reducing your appetite.

There has been some research that if Psyllium is taken before meals (recommended is 30 minutes before having a meal) it helps with the reduction of body weight.

In addition to reducing appetite, Pysllium is also a good colon cleanser, providing detoxification and bowel regularity.

Drinking it can be a little complicated initially, and you can choke on it if not done correctly. This short video (2 min) explains how to drink it safely.


4. Eat Slowly

3 Day Diet Plan ClockMost of us have developed an unhealthy eating habit of chewing and eating minimally and fast. Take time to savor every bite, chew extensively and take breaks while eating. Drink a lot of water with your meals. The reason for eating slowly is that it takes about 20 minutes for your brain to register that we are full.

On the 3 day diet you won’t be eating enough to be really full, but if you take your time and eat extra slow, it will reduce your feelings of hunger and increase your feelings of satiety.

3 Day Diet Menu at a Glance

Day 1 – Total 1024 Calories
• Black tea or coffee (with Sweet & Low or Equal) – 2 calories
• ½ grapefruit (or juice) – 41 calories
• Peanut butter (1 tbsp) – 94 calories
• Toast (1 piece) – 80 calories

Total Calories: 217
• Black tea or coffee (with Sweet & Low or Equal) – 2 calories
• Tuna (½ cup) – 90 calories
• Toast (1 piece) – 80 calories

Total Calories: 172
• Chicken or any lean meat (3 ounces) – 142 calories
• Carrots (1 cup) – 52 calories
• 1 apple – 120 calories
• Green beans (1 cup) – 31 calories
• Vanilla ice cream (1 cup) – 290 calories

Total Calories: 635
Day 2 – Total 1137 Calories
• Black tea or coffee (Sweet & Low or Equal) – 2 calories
• 1 egg – 80 calories
• ½ banana – 60 calories
• Toast (1 piece) – 80 calories

Total Calories: 222
• Tuna or cottage cheese (1 cup) – 203 calories
• 8 regular saltine crackers– 96 calories

Total Calories: 299
• 2 beef franks – 330 calories
• Cabbage or broccoli (1 cup) – 55 calories
• Carrots (½ cup) – 26 calories
• ½ banana – 60 calories
• Vanilla ice cream (½ cup) – 145 calories

Total Calories: 616
Day 3 – Total 924 Calories
• Black tea or coffee (with Sweet & Low or Equal) – 2 calories
• 5 regular saltine crackers – 60 calories
• Cheddar cheese (1 ounce) – 113 calories
• 1 apple – 120 calories

Total Calories: 295
• Black tea or coffee (with Sweet & Low or Equal) – 2 calories
• 1 boiled egg – 80 calories
• Toast (1 piece) – 80 calories

Total Calories: 162
• Melon (1 cup) – 61 calories
• Tuna (1 cup) – 180 calories
• Cauliflower (1 cup) – 29 calories
• Carrots (1 cup) – 52 calories
• Vanilla ice cream (1/2 cup) – 145 calories

Total Calories: 467

Pictures of the 3 Day Diet Menu

The food plan of the 3 day diet plan is pretty specific. Since the caloric intake is low for each day, even if you are not hungry, you should avoid under-eating.

Following are photos of the 3 day diet plan ingredients:

Day 1

Day 1 Breakfast: Black tea or coffee (with Sweet & Low or Equal),½ grapefruit (or juice), peanut butter (1 tbsp) with toast (1 piece).
3 Day Diet Plan Coffee Grapefruit Peanut Butter

Day 1 Lunch : Lunch: Tuna (½ cup), toast (1 piece), black tea or coffee (with Sweet & Low or Equal).
3 Day Diet Plan Toast Tuna Coffee

Day 1 Dinner: Chicken or any lean meat (3 ounces), carrots (1 cup), 1 apple, green beans (1 cup), vanilla ice cream (1 cup).
3 Day Diet Plan Chicken Carrots Green Beans 3 Day Diet Plan Vanilla Ice Cream Apple
Tip: Use Stevia powder instead of Sweet & Low or Equal, and choose whole wheat bread for the toast for more sustained energy.

Day 2

Day 2 Breakfast: Black tea or coffee (Sweet & Low or Equal), 1 egg, ½ banana, toast (1 piece).
3 Day Diet Plan Coffee Toast Banana Egg

Day 2 Lunch: Tuna or cottage cheese (1 cup), 8 regular saltine crackers. 3 Day Diet Plan Cottage Cheese Saline Crackers

Day 2 Dinner: 2 beef franks, cabbage or broccoli (1 cup), carrots (½ cup), ½ banana, vanilla ice cream (½ cup).
3 Day Diet Plan Beef Franks Cabbage Carrots 3 Day Diet Plan Bananas Ice Cream

Tip: Use Stevia instead of Sweet & Low or Equal, and choose whole wheat bread for the toast for more sustained energy.

Day 3

Day 3 Breakfast: Black tea or coffee (with Sweet & Low or Equal), 5 regular saltine crackers, cheddar cheese (1 ounce), 1 apple.
3 Day Diet Plan Coffee Saline Crackers Cheddar Cheese Apple

Day 3 Lunch: Black tea or coffee (with Sweet & Low or Equal), 1 boiled egg, toast (1 piece).
3 Day Diet Plan Coffee Egg Toast

Day 3 Dinner: Melon (1 cup), tuna (1 cup), cauliflower (1 cup), carrots (1 cup), and vanilla ice cream (1/2 cup).
3 Day Diet Plan Tuna Carrots Cauliflower 3 Day Diet Plan Vanilla Ice Cream Melon
Tip: Use Stevia instead of Sweet & Low or Equal, and choose whole wheat bread for the toast for more sustained energy.

Additionally, apart from following this strict daily diet menu, dieters must drink 4 cups of non-caloric drinks or water every day. This effectively means you can drink more black tea or coffee if you like.

3 Day Diet iPhone App

There is a 3 Day Diet App for your iPhone or iPad to make it easier for you to follow the 3 Day Diet for $2.99.
3 Day Diet App Combined
It allows you to track what you eat by day, gives you a shopping list, and tracks your weight.

If you are planning to repeat the 3-day diet from time to time, it may be a good investment.

3 Day Military Diet Substitutions

According to the diet guidelines, this diet should be followed to the last detail, however the following items can be exchanged if necessary.

3 Day Diet Food3 Day Diet Food Substitute
TunaCottage Cheese
Ice CreamYogurt
Sweet & Low or EqualStevia powder
Peanut ButterAlmond Butter

3 Day Diet FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How much weight can I lose on the 3 day diet?
People report losing up to 10 pounds.

How often can I do the 3 day diet?
You can do this diet once a week, after four days of normal eating, for as many weeks as you like. Just make sure you eat nutritious and balanced foods for the 4 days when you are not on the diet.

What about those 4 days when I am not dieting?
The biggest obstacle to maintaining the weight loss from the 3 day diet are the days following the 3 day diet. Many people over-eat on the subsequent days, and gain everything back. The trick is to eat normally on those 4 days, but in moderation.

Make sure to check how many calories you need per day to maintain your weight and stay within those calories.

How Does the 3 Day Military Diet Work?

The supposed secret behind this diet is the boosted fat burning and a unique metabolic reaction that is created by the combination of foods this plan suggests. Supposedly, this is how the 3 day diet plan food combinations help burn fat, cleanse the body, increase energy and lower cholesterol.

However, in reality, the fact that the 3 day diet plan is very low in calories is probably the main reason that weight loss is achieved.

As the name of this diet suggests, the 3 day diet plan has to be followed for 3 days, but can be resumed an indefinite number of times after taking a 4 to 5 days break of “normal eating”. The reason this diet recommends to resume the usual eating style is to prevent the metabolism from slowing down and reverting to starvation mode, which can lead to fat getting stored in the body and promoting weight gain.


This diet is really hard, since basically you will be half starving yourself for 3 days. If you feel sick or dizzy, immediately stop the diet and take in more calories (in moderation). If you succeed with the diet, there is a very high risk of rebound weight gain for most people. Physically and mentally you will probably be craving LOTS of food. Mostly likely, unhealthy food.

On the first day after you finish the diet (which is the 4th day), satisfy your craving for food by eating a good volume of vegetables and meat, with limited carbs. Do NOT go out and have a large burger with fries, etc. If you have cravings for high-volume food, choose meat and vegetables, not carbs.

When you go on such a restrictive diet, there is a risk of psychological longing for unhealthy foods. You may “dream” about all the pizzas, burgers, cakes, and cookies you will eat once the diet is over. This psychological longing often results in your consuming those fattening foods in higher volumes after the diet than before you went on the diet. So watch out! Especially after the diet, be diligent about keeping the portions of those fattening foods small. If you can’t stop eating them, eat them in small portions spread out over the week.

After The 3 Day Diet

You should have a plan in place for maintaining your weight after the 3 day diet. If you go back to your old ways, you may gain the weight back. For some people, the 3 day diet may be a “kick-start” diet after which they plan to go on a more sustainable long-term diet.

Some of the popular long-term diets are low-carb diets, the Paleo diet (a form of low-carb diet), calorie-controlled diets, and even diets using the aid of hypnosis programs.

3 Day Diet Shopping List

You can download the 3 day diet shopping list & menu by clicking the link below.

Three Day Diet Shopping List & Menu

114 Responses to 3 Day Diet Plan

  1. Bev says:

    I am planning to start this diet next Monday. I have heard this diet has good results.

    • Lynne Osborne says:

      Hi did you start the 3 day diet? How did it go? I’m starting it today:)

    • june says:

      The diet does have great results but its trying to keep the healthy eating going after but if you want to look slimmer for that special occasion…..this is the one!!

    • milka says:

      Hi, this diet really really works, but drink plenty of water and exercise, if you cannot go to a gym for any reason you can go for walks.Good luck!!!

  2. Deborah says:

    I was wondering if anyone has tried the 3-day diet with any success. Please share if you did!

    • Lynne Osborne says:

      Hi I’m starting the diet today,so watch this space.

    • Corey says:

      It does work. This is my second week following this diet. I lost 7 lbs and did not gain any back. I ate in moderation and excercised regularly on my 4 days off. Even gave myself a cheat meal on Saturday! Something that helped me was getting the 45 calorie whole wheat sara lee bread. The average slice of bread has 80-90 calories so I had 2 slices of bread and made sandwiches where one slice was called for. I also would save half or a peice of fruit to eat inbetween meals instead of eating the whole meal. I was not actually hungry but still wanted food but it was simply saying no instead of eating something else. Come day 4 I was hungry!!!!

    • Avi says:

      Hi! I started the diet today! In order to keep the hunger pains from getting the best of me, I decided to cut each portion in half and save for later (breakfast and lunch). So I had half of the HALF of grapefruit, and half of the HALF of peanut butter and toast. Drinking lots of water and green tea during the day (without sugar) helps as well! Also, I find the the Weight Watchers steamed veggies are great as well! Not a big fan or cauliflower, so I substituted with broccoli and you just steam the little pouch! It’s great and affordable! Also, not a HUGE fan of vanilla icecream, but I do have a sweet tooth, so I opted for no sugar, Tapioca pudding. Only 70 calories in 1 container!!! It’s just great!!! Hopefully my few adjustments won’t hurt!

    • Pat says:

      yes, its great, easy and taste good. lost 11 my first three days. taking 2 day break and start right back up. Thx and good luck

    • Hamo says:

      Hello Deborah

      It is amazing just go for it.


    • Gizella says:

      I just finished it yesterday. I did it exactly as it is but only lost 400 gr.
      I think this diet will be helpful for men , not women

    • linda johnson says:

      lost 7 pounds on it

  3. Lynne Osborne says:

    Hi did you start the 3 day diet? How did it go? I’m starting it today:)

  4. khawla says:

    do i have to eat everything mentioned in the menu ?!!

  5. sherry says:

    Yes I did. It works

  6. Alice says:

    Yup, did tried it 2 times. It does deliver what it promised. However i did felt lightheaded alot and kind of powerless.
    As they mention, the trick is after the diet.
    Once i was over the 3 days I just wanted to eat & eat and eat some more.
    I did lost about 3 kg, and gained it back like a week later.

  7. Perfectly cute says:

    i am a vegetarian so i cannot eat tuna or chicken can any one suggest what i could eat instead of it?

    • Just Dandy says:

      On the substitution list, it shows that you can do cottage cheese instead of tuna and tofu in place of meat.

  8. Cindy says:

    Can I cook the veggies, or do I have to eat them raw?

  9. Cindy says:

    Please help me I can’t eat raw veggies.

  10. Shannon says:

    you can cook the veggies. Also i did this diet and had success and have not gained any of it back. In fact if you eat sensibly after the 3 days my body continued to lose weight without effort at all after this for a week. i lost 8 pounds the first week and 3 the following week.

    • Brooke says:

      Anyone try this diet with eliminating the icecream and eat more of the other items on the menu? I just could care less about the icecream and know ill want real food and eating 290 of protein and veggies sounds much more filling. Also id be curious what a lot of people on here that have done this diet start off weighing and how much body fat you have. Im 5’5 143lbs and normal bmi range. I just cant fathom losing 10 lbs in 3 days…maybe 3 lbs. Im planning to try this out but curious if anyone has thoughts on my comments. Cant wait to see my results.

  11. Rebecca says:

    Those of you who have tried this diet, did you use any type of seasonings on the food? I don’t see anything stating whether or not it’s ok to use salt or pepper.

  12. Naheed says:

    Hey ! I was thinking to start this diet..Since after the baby I have been losing weight in intervals..and hav tummy fat to reduce !! Will this three day diet be successful in reducing the tummy fat as I am not overweight or so..it is just the tummy that makes me look fat !
    Need some views based on ur experiences …please

    • Daisy says:

      I used this diet when i had just delivered a year ago it helped ALOT I lost the 10 lbs actually and your tummy does go down but if you gained a lot during the pregnancy like i did chance is its gonna stay a little flabby drink ALOT of water ALOT and go walk like 5 miles and do 100 sit ups a day that will help your tummy ALOT for the 3days of the diet

  13. Naheed says:

    Hey ! Thanks alot …My baby is 11 mths now and I am still 10lbs over from where I started my pregnancy…
    I will definitely try what you said…
    Today is my third day of this diet plan and I have only lost about 3lbs…not sure where am I doing it wrong :S

    Thanks again …this was really helpful 🙂

    • Daisy says:

      The reason you only Loss 3 lbs its probably cause you don’t have much body fat and sometimes you loose it after your done with the diet I kept loosing weight even after at that time and today is my last day and so far I loss 4 lbs but ill weigh my self tomorrow and let you know how it went

  14. Michelle says:

    Hello. I did the 3 day diet maybe 4 years ago and I gotta tell ya…it works! I did it with my mom and maybe the 2nd day my face was so slim i couldn’t believe it was me! Its usually hard for me to see my weight loss but i was amazed!!!! Im going to do it Monday June 3 because June 7th im going to Atlanta for 3 days. So it do work people. You can do it! I wasn’t really thinking about food when i was on it because i knew how i wanted to look. Anyway, try it out… You’ll be amazed. Maintain it by continuing to eat clean and maybe walk 30 mins. 🙂

  15. Zoe says:

    I’m confused as to how this can work–not that I doubt it does, because I’ve done very similar diets before prom, weddings, etc. and lost as much as 10 pounds in half a week. I’m just wondering how does it work? My caloric needs based on height, weight, age and activity level are 1600 a day to maintain, since I only exercise 1-4 times a week and at a light level due to injury. This keeps my weight steady. But dropping to 1000 calories a day for 3 or 4 days every now and then always makes me lose a ton of weight, and most of it’s permanent! But I’ve heard a pound of fat is lost with a 3500 calorie deficit, and this diet–not just for me, but for most people–can’t yield a deficit that large without exercise, and certainly not 7 to 10 pounds’ worth.

    So is it water weight? Why does it manage to stay off permanently? I’m trying not to question a good thing here, hahaha, just curious if anyone can explain the science to me.

  16. Dawn says:

    This diet does work. I have done it for 2 weeks now and lost a total of 10 lbs. Starting week 3 today.

  17. Sheri says:

    I did this diet this week. I only lost 4 lbs but could have lost more had I not cheated. The first day I followed it to the T. But I had a distraction that evening as I went to a piano performance. The second day was crazy. NO COFFEE! I had the worst headache ever. At 2 pm I had to have a sip or two or three, but not the whole cup of coffee…The headache went away and I could think more clearly. That evening though I didn’t have a distraction and so I had myself a drink. Vodka with Diet Coke. I wanted to slap myself. On the third day, I kept my hopes up and continued to follow the diet, but I had to have my coffee. I was not going to try and work all day with a headache. I chewed lots of sugar free gum during the day and drank lots of water but my hunger pains were really bad all afternoon. I had my dinner. Again no distractions…Had a vodka with Diet Coke. Still I lost 4 lbs. I will be doing this again next week. Minus the Vodka and Diet Coke…sorry though, keeping my coffee. I’ll let you know how it goes…If you are serious about your weight lose, you can do this…just stop being a cry baby about everything.

  18. Eliza says:

    CAn I replace Melon with any other thing? By melon, does it mean WAter Melon??

  19. JOhann says:

    Tomorrow im starting the 3 day diet ill be posting how it goes.

  20. maria says:

    It works! I’m on my second week. Lost 10 ponds.

  21. maria says:

    Hint for everyone. Stay busy. Drink LOTS of water inbetween meals. I used Salt and black pepper on my egg but very light on that and honey wheat bread. No mayonnaise.. Follow the menu exactly as it is shown. Best of Luck to all. :))

  22. Alyna says:

    I started the diet today. And have tried it couple of years back when I got married. I now need to come back to my original weight when I had got married. Good luck to everyone! 🙂
    Hope I happen to lose at least 3 kgs this week.

  23. Leena says:

    I did it the first week and lost 6lbs. This is my second week and i lost 4 lbs the first day.. I got to lose at least 30. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE…U REALLY HAVE TO FOLLOW IT AND DONT CHEAT, U WILL SEE RESULTS!

  24. Samantha says:

    Hey, i’m starting the 3 day diet tomorrow and I was wondering if you can put the tiniest amount of low fat milk into your tea/coffee?
    hoping to see results! 🙂

  25. Madre says:

    Hey there is have started the 3 day diet today, i have done one like this before and i lost a total of 9kgs it was a 7 day one. i kept it off for more than 5 months, but as the diet says dont go and over do it when you are finished keep on eating healthy that is the only way, and lots of water is put lemon juice in mine it helps alot. Good luck to all that is going to do this diet, i thinks its going to work 100%
    will keep you guys updated on my progress, wish me luck!!

  26. Nonie says:

    I’m starting today, had my breakfast already…crossing fingers.
    Any seasoning on the chicken?

  27. Madre says:

    I have finished my 3 days and lost a total of 3kg`s very proud of myself, will be going on the diet very soon

    • Chichj says:

      What if I did not follow the food stated in tge first meal.. I lessen it I mean I eat less calories like stated above. Does it work too? Thanks for answering

  28. Sky says:

    Hi I tried this last still doing I did only 3 days in a week I lost only 3 kg until now and this is my 3rd week. I m vegetarian can’t eat meat such as tuna, frank,chicken.i want to loose more 15kg in 4 weeks.

  29. pooni says:

    Hai.thanks for all the 3day diet advises. I m going to start from next monday. And i vl continue the same process,till i m not satisfy my body weight. 🙂

  30. Sarah says:

    What if my mom won’t let me do it and I sneak it but can’t hav everything on the menu, what do I do I’m 14 and need to loose weight should I just not eat it lik for substance I don’t hav melon or anymore apples and is it ok to use salmon instead of tuna?? Please help!

  31. marcia says:

    Hello- Im starting the program today. my current weight is 160, trying to get down to 130. will let you know next mondayif i lost weight and how much i lost. Wish me luck

  32. Zainab says:


    i followed the diet precisely, except (as mentioned in the substitutions) cottage cheese instead of tuna But at dinner i couldn’t ALL of it. i took everything except instead when it came to green beans i could thrust in 1/2 cup of it.

    Would it make a lot of difference?? and if so, how mucchh??

  33. Zainab says:

    okay it said in the substitutions, toast can be taken in place of saltine crackers. so what’s equivalent level of the two? five crackers = how much toast? also, 8 crackers = how much toast?

  34. Sulu says:


    Me and my friend planning to try 3 day diet from sunday. Looking forward for a positive result.


  35. Melody says:

    Hello,Im starting the diet today.Im 155 trying to get back to 130 for my health and to feel better,Please wish me luck I will post my results.

  36. Archana says:

    I m gonna try tis from Tom…. Have a school annual day celebrations coming up in 4 days….. So I m hopin to lose a few lbs n look nice… Hope dis works fo me… I will keep y’ all posted abt da improvement. P. S : I m gonna eat da alternatives fo tuna, saltines and meat…fingers crossed!!!

  37. Carla says:

    I will be starting this diet on Tuesday….I’ve done it b4 and it does work. Fyi…its usually better to do tues, wed, thurs, that way you don’t have to stress out about the weekend dining out, JUST DON’T OVERDUE IT!… Good Luck to All:)

  38. lynne osborne says:

    Can someone answer the question please, how much toast do we substitute for the saltine crackers.thank you

  39. jack says:

    It works!! Its the morning of day 2 and I lost 3lbs already

  40. jack says:

    It is now day 5 and I lost a total of 5 lbs. Yayyy go me!!!

  41. Elsie says:

    About to start this diet. seems too good to be true actually, because u r allowed carbs…and ice cream? I don’t know….the foods look too fatty for this to actually work. it is not going to be difficult for me to do this diet. I have done worse diets like the general motors diet. unfortunately couldn’t keep up so I quit, this diet is my savior.

    • PJ says:

      This looks too easy for me too. I’ve done GM diet twice and lost weight but gained them back fast. I am hoping this one would work for me considering I have to do this only 3 days per week. I don’t eat much but I have to admit, I’m not eating healthily. If I get a good result from this, I’d definitely keep doing this. Good luck!

  42. marla says:

    Can you put mayonnaise in the tuna or just leave it by itself? And is there a substitute for the melon?

  43. Christine says:

    Is this loss water or fat?

  44. Charlotte says:

    This diet is great!!! I lost 7 pounds by keeping strictly to the diet, it is difficult though! But drinking water in between meals and also having a big glass before each meal really helped for me! I really recommend this diet! Good luck xo

  45. GopiAnand says:

    i want to lose weight by using south indian foods please help me. In our country we dont get these types of foods.

  46. Jack says:

    This is my third time around. Its day 3 and ive lost 3 lbs. Im excited to wear my purple dress to a wedding this weekend!

  47. Jack says:

    Its now day 4 and im 5 lbs lighter 🙂

  48. Ram says:

    Am starting today am 32 yrs 105kg hopping to drop some. Will keep posting
    Excited like hell!!!

  49. Ruu says:

    Is it advisable to use decaf coffe?

  50. Ram says:

    I dont take coffee can i use green tea?

  51. Tara says:

    I’ve been on this diet years ago for about 8-9 weeks, 3 days on-4 days off each week. I didn’t really exercise but I followed the diet strictly and I ate pretty healthy during the “off” days. I lost about 20 lbs and I kept them of for years just by eating healthy. Now, after many years,I’m ready to start it again. I’ll keep you all posted.

  52. Emma says:

    I’ve been on this diet while exercising and I lost 16 lbs 🙂 It’s pretty cool ! I didn’t think it would work, but it did !

  53. fatima Onde says:

    my collegue will start the diet list tomorrow i will update you guys what will be the result of it. She’s 160lbs hoping for good result.

  54. Aayush Chatterjee says:

    Super happy ….. Followed it strictly with a few small cheats here and there …. Lost 3.5kgs . Definitely gonna keep doing it every 5 days. Super effective diet for busy people. 1st you feel super hungry but by the 3 rd morning you get full on very little. On the 4th day … Going back to my previous diet was difficult cause I was getting full on very little food.

  55. jack says:

    This is my 4th time around. Its morning of day 2. Hoping to lose over 5lbs.

  56. GABBY. says:

    Can we change the food from Dinner to Lunch.
    Because I don’t like to eat to much @ dinner time.

  57. Elizabeth says:

    Yes it works. I list 26 pounds in two weeks after an accident sitting on my butt with no exercise. Felt fantastic actually better than I had in years.
    Do not diviate. Eat every bite,don’t substitute, it will not work if you do. Tried that a few years later and it did not work. Key is to do 3 days then start over. Now I have severe food allergies and cannot eat many of the foods on this,or I would be doing again.

  58. Chester L. says:

    I’m a 43 y/o male and I lost 4.4 lbs doing this, I did not use the ice cream or substitute and I ran about 35 minutes each day and lifted weights for about an hour as my usual exercise routine, I’m taking the 4 days off and trying it again on day 7…It works, just stay focused, drink much water and exercise at least 30 minutes a day…..Good luck.

  59. Chester L. says:

    Did it again, lost 4.2 lbs. Pretty simple diet plan and I can easily maintain my determination during and after the diet. Good luck.

  60. Brock says:

    I tried this before about 5 years ago and lost about 20 pounds in 30 days. The first week was about 7 pounds, the second week was about 5, third week was about 5 and fourth week was about 3. I think your body does start to adjust right away so you will lose less.

    Not just because you lost 10 pounds either. I.E., “well if you weigh less, you will lose less if you eat the same amount of calories as someone who is bigger than you because the difference in calories taken in and the calories required for maintenance is more drastic to the bigger person”

    Well in my case, I was 260 when I started the diet and after week 1 I was 253. The maintenance for someone who weighs 253 is pretty close to someone who weights 260 (within 3 percent), yet I lost about 40 percent less weight from the 1st week to the 2nd and the 3rd week to the 4th. So obviously our body is becoming more resistant to letting go of the weight.

    This is why I don’t think it makes sense to do more than a few weeks of these cycles (3 on/4 off) But for losing 20 pounds in a month, it definitely can jump start the weight loss process and give you motivation to ween off this cycle but eat more healthy and exercise more.

    As far as the “you are losing water argument”, my question is, how do you know? Is anyone peeing out 5 pounds more pee over the 3 day cycle than they normally would? Is anyone sweating 5 pounds more over the 3 days than they normally would?

    We essentially exhale fat when we lose weight because fat metabolizes into carbon dioxide (which we breathe out), energy (which gets released as heat) and water (which goes out through urine and sweat) .

    If someone wants to make the argument that it is water weight that is being lost, pee every day for 7 days off the diet and weigh it, than pee for the 3 days you are on the diet and weight it. Then see if that accounts for the loss of weight over the 3 days. I suspect the math won’t add up for you

  61. Brock says:

    In addition, most heavy people have more water than they need anyway because they take in too much salt (salt retains water), so even if it WAS mainly water weight, why would that be a bad thing if the person is retaining too much water anyway?

    I never met an obese person that didn’t consume more salt than they are supposed to

  62. Ciera says:

    This diet was amazing I lost 10:)

  63. ise says:

    Hello I did discuss diet about 4 years ago and it really help me. I lost about 30 lbs in 2 or 3 months. Even though sometimes i did not finish the 3 days. I felt a little hungry but I think it was because I have to cook for my husband. My friend also tried the diet but did not finish it. She was nursing and stop her milk supply. So be careful.

  64. Holly says:

    When they say things like Peanut Butter, or 2 Beef Franks, does it have to be regular Peanut Butter, or could it be something like Skippy’s Low Sodium/Sugar Peanut Butter? With the Beef Franks, could it be something like Hebrew National’s 97% Fat Free?

  65. Zooni says:

    i dnt get this. i m following a 330 calories a day diet for last 3 weeks and still lost only 3 kgs. how on earth a diet with icecream and cheese be so effective?

  66. divya says:

    im a south indian. i want to lose 15 kg in a month.will u please give me a south indian food diet chart to lose 15 kg in a month.

  67. Keeley says:

    I was considering starting this diet as the reviews are amazing!! I was wonder if I would lose weight everywhere? My main areas I want to lose weight are my stomach,legs and arms, would this diet do the trick?

  68. J says:

    It worked for me! I lost 12 pounds! I went from 163 back to 151. However, initially I did weight my self at the end of the day, and now I weigh myself in the morning. I’m usually 150-155 pounds but let myself go the past few months, but now I’m ready to get back on track and keep at it 🙂

  69. J says:

    ^^^ I should also mention that I substituted at lot! No crackers, cheese, or ice cream. Instead I had veggie burgers, yogurt, wheat bread, veggies etc. I stayed within the calorie limits while eating healthier.

  70. Keeley says:

    How much weight would I lose if I used this diet for 6 weeks??

  71. Renita says:

    What can you substitute melon with ?

  72. jack says:

    I’ve done it again its day 3 and I lost 3lbs already.

  73. Debbie says:

    I used this diet years ago. I was faithful and followed it for 3 months. I ate well on the 4 days off, but found my appetite was actually reduced. I would jump in bed early every Wed. night so I could wake up Thursday and eat, but amazingly I didn’t. I kept the weight off for years. By following it for 3 months (Sept – until Thanksgiving) I actually changed my eating habits and desires. I moved foods around, by that I mean I ate the same foods, but perhaps at different times. I spread the fruit out during the day for snacks. It really did work. Now I am back at it. I MUST get some weight off so I am starting it again. The toughest part for me are the first couple of weeks. I’ll keep you posted.

  74. Dianna says:

    Iam starting in the morning I need to take of 50 pounds because of me health

  75. j. daigle says:

    I know a lot of you wont believe this but in 1984 me and my sister were trying to loose weight for a family beach vacation. I spoke to everyone i could and read just about everything written about the chemistry of food. I wrote a basic 3 day plan and a nurse friend tweeked it. This is really close to the original formula. I was quite surprized to see it on the internet. The way it works is the foods work together to cause the body to stay in a fat burning mode. Follow it exactly and drink a lot of water. Thats it. And… You can restart after 3 days… Not 4. Also… Im not sure where all the substitution suggestions came from. Most will not reach your goal. You must stay with the original menu.

  76. adelaide says:

    Can i cut out coffee & tea all together? I don’t like either.

  77. Jenelle WB says:

    This did not work for me. my weight was the same before and after. I followed the menu to a T. no substitutes and measured all my food. I even did light excersizing for 25 mins for day 2 & 3. and yes I felt very hungry. I have been drinking a gallon of water a day with a struct diet before this one. no results for me but hunger and I was all for nothing. i’ll never do that to my body again.

  78. Renu says:

    Give option for vegetarian
    I m not eating egg meat etc
    I m pure vegetarian

  79. David says:

    I have been on this diet before for 17 weeks and lost 29 lbs. Would gain back all but 1 or 2 lbs each week. Did not do much exercise during the period but would loose 7-9 lbs each 3 day. My wife did not loose as much maybe 5-6 lbs during the 3 day period. I am back on it again to loose 10-15lbs so it could take a few weeks to do it but it does work.

  80. vaniya says:

    Hello tanks a lot . Vaniya for iran

  81. Jai says:

    I am excited to revisit this diet plan. When I was a teen I would do this with my grandmother. I had less acne issues and always lost weight.. I am middle aged and I hope to get my metabolic system jump started and get back to a happier me… in size. I just wish they would bring back dexitirm from the 70’s-90’s. This stuff they have now is toxic and when you stop you pack it back plus more..

  82. It’s going to be ending of mine day, but before end I am
    reading this fantastic post to improve my knowledge.

  83. Denica stoltz says:

    It help Soo much and I was 69.9 so 70kg and I lost 10kgs on this diet thank you Soooo much

  84. ABRAR says:

    I tried this 3 day diet, and done with reducing 3 lbs. Great thank you author….

  85. Nelofur says:

    Hi plz can you tell me how many days to lose 10 kg weight

  86. Melissa says:

    What happens if you do it for 7 days instead of 3. Can you follow it continuously for 3 weeks or more?

    Has anyone tried 5 days on and 2 days off?

  87. ZOE says:

    I’m on day 3 and I’ve lost 5lbs and I am HUNGRY. Planned to don’t for another 3 days straight away but not sure if it’s a good idea

  88. Vendy says:

    Starting tomorrow!

  89. Missy says:

    I am on day 2. Day 1 started fine, since I stayed busy and tried to be out of the house even just window shopping, I walked ALOT. Every 4-6 hrs I noticed I was hungry so I’d go home and eat the next meal. Today, was a little tough because I felt a little weak but I saved the banana and ice cream for the end of the day (dessert). It was so good I mixed the banana into the ice cream. Nice treat and balanced my sugar levels. I haven’t weighed myself and won’t until day 4 but I was trying on clothes today and I felt a slight difference in my body already. I’m following it strictly and wish me luck to finish it tomorrow night. I am excited to know if it shows a reduction on the scale and if so I will continue it 4 days off and 3 days on. I wish everyone luck that wishes to try it!

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