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10 Effective Ways On How to Get Motivated To Lose Weight

how to get motivated to lose weight

We all know that having a healthy body weight is good for us, but the challenge is to figure out how to get motivated to lose weight, so we can actually take action on a consistent basis. Here are 10 effective methods you can try, including some psychological tricks we can use.

1. Read motivational quotes everyday

Motivational quotes are very powerful tools you can use to get yourself motivated to lose weight. It is recommended that you read a motivational quote every day, and ideally at least 3 times each day. It really helps you to keep the faith that you will reach your goal one day.

2. Buy your favorite clothing or outfit in the size you want to be in one day, and hang it somewhere visible

This will serve as another daily reminder of what your goals are. Having something visible is extremely powerful, and it can seep into your unconscious mind. Make sure the clothing is of a size that is attainable and realistic, otherwise you will set yourself up for failure.

3. Build a dream board and paste pictures and images of things you will do once you reach your ideal weight

A dream board is another powerful tool to get you motivated to lose weight. Collect multiple pictures, images or drawings that represent the things you wish to do once you achieve your weight loss goals. Then paste them onto a board or put them in a picture frame, and put it somewhere visible where you see it every day. The image can be a picture of a sports activity, travel destination, or simply a petite dress. This serves as another powerful reminder of what you wish to achieve in your life.

4. Think of where you may end up if you continue to be overweight

Another thing that works well for us human beings is using fear intelligently as a tool to get us where we want to go, or to stop us from doing harmful things to ourselves. In terms of weight loss, one way to motivate ourselves is to remind ourselves of the illnesses that can occur from being overweight such as diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure, and where those illnesses can eventually end up.

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Typical consequences are severe limitations on daily activities including travel, going out with friends and colleagues, and very expensive medical costs.

5. Think of 3 role models you want to be like in terms of figure and fitness

Role models are also powerful motivators to achieve our goals. In terms of weight loss, think of at least 3 people that can serve as role models in terms of figure and fitness. You may wish to choose someone with a similar body frame so those role models can be more realistic for your weight loss goal. Learn about their diet and exercise routines and pick up some tips and ideas that would work for you.

6. Think of 3 people you want to impress with your new weight

Ego is another tool we can exploit to achieve our goals, but keeping in mind that it should be used merely as a tool and don’t enlarge it : ) Think of a few people you would like to impress with your new weight. It can be someone in your professional or social circle, boyfriend/girlfriend, mentor, etc.

7. Think of alternative ways to relieve your stress or reward yourself that you enjoy

Most likely you are using food as a way to relieve stress, or to reward yourself. You will need to find alternative healthy ways to accomplish the same things. This is important so that you don’t feel like something is missing by going on a weight loss diet. Common alternatives are meditation, light aerobic exercise, spending more time in hobbies such as reading and cooking, and spending more time with loved ones including your pet!

8. Set up your healthy living and weight loss infrastructure

It is really important to create a motivating living environment for yourself. Go shopping to get ready for your weight loss diet. Buy exercise wear, exercise equipment such as free weights, yoga mat, or even a treadmill. Now is the time to invest in your health and weight loss.

Create an exercise corner where you put all your exercise equipment. Stock your refrigerator with healthy foods such as spinach, yogurt, strawberries, and coconut water, so they are readily available when you need to eat something.

9. Ask someone you trust to hold you accountable

We are fallible human beings and there will be many days when you would want to slack off from your weight loss regimen. Ask someone you trust to hold you accountable for making consistent progress with your weight loss. Just having someone ask you about your progress weekly or monthly can help keep you on track.

10. Do it for others

According to Psychology Today, sustainable motivation occurs when your self-interest and concern for others work in synergy, as this combines “selfish” and “selfless” motivation. Think of people that would benefit from your weight loss such as your children or even your parents, or people you want to please such as your spouse. Combine this with your self-interest such as being able to have higher energy levels and this will likely lead to powerful, sustained motivation to lose weight.